Heartbreaks and Haircuts

Earlier this month, I decided to go for a complete makeover! I was going through a rough patch and God knows what I was thinking, all this while. I got my heart broken for the nth time and it was an awful feeling. It still is. And as usual, I wondered whether I will ever survive this. I went ahead with the crying- blaming- chocolate eating-denial mode phase. I slept throughout because I felt if I was awake for one more second, I would go into depression, as if the heaviness in my chest doesn’t ever fade. Sometimes I wondered what’s the point of it all. We are here to ultimately die and simply cease to exist. One day you are on top of the world and the next instant, you fall flat on your face. Is there anything permanent? Love? Life? Or even the so-called permanently straightened hair? Anyway, anger and depression, if left unchecked, will inevitably give you an ugly appearance. And on one fateful minute, I decided!

I guess, the physical act of cutting something away from me symbolized the act of truly letting go. As if in some twisted way, I also view it as a way of getting rid of something like a bad memory that keeps on replaying in my mind.

Anyway, this also helped me tick something off from my bucket list- Highlights! Woohoo. An otherwise me, would have freaked off of the mere idea of colouring my hair. But I was game, even to get streaks of violet! However, as for starters I settled with a mix of brown and red. It did dig up a big hole in my pocket. Guess I could have even gone to Thailand and back with the money I spent. But I am happy.

Highlights Mania

Before and After!

P.S: The author does not advocate to chop off your hair everytime you have a heartbreak or a break up. If that is the case, you will not have any hair left. This will likely make us feel better for the time being only. Who are we kidding!—the relationship didn’t end due to our hairstyle. Cheers! Have loads of tequila!

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  1. you are cute the way you are. The nerve to share it all and bare it all – as you’ve been doing – is a way of letting it all go. This too shall pass. God Bless!


  2. I liked the way you handled stress. Loved this before and after.


  3. I loved the disclaimer!!
    I went through a tough time earlier last month, and no I couldn’t even chop my hair, they too short already! so I went shopping instead…yea kind of relaxed me a bit!


  4. louvargas2014 says:

    Haha I did the opposite – got married and had the chop!


  5. actually makeovers work for me too, they sort of keep you away from going into depression 😀
    You look gorgeous 😀 the straight hair really suits you 😀 But then I love your curls too 😀


  6. inquisitivegeet says:

    Haha.. The new look clearly suits you!
    And sometimes pampering ourselves and indulging in things we like seems the only way to come out from the grovelling state we’re into..!! I just hope it has made you happy..!!



  7. Haha.. Your post took me back to 2013.. I had a heart break and so I got a haircut. Now when I look back, and as I see my pictures, I looked pretty sad (I got a really ‘short’ haircut).. Guess, it must have been a pretty bad break-up 😛
    However, your new look is a killer 😉


  8. I’m guessing I’m the weirdo here, I LOVE chopping my hair off. Come summer, I run to my stylist and get it chopped as short as he dares to and I love it. And you are right, it IS therapeutic, feels like I get a fresh start every couple of months 🙂


  9. If you need a ear for troubles to hear, you know I’m near and right here, right? 😉 Take care, Tommy.

    PS: All 3 Tomatoes look equally cute 🙂


  10. Oh dear… hope you are feeling better now? Heartbreaks are toughest to recover from, but they do make us stronger… loved the new look… Are you keeping track of the comments you got?

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  11. Ha ha ha now that reminded me of something .. The year was 2010 or 2009 and I went bald..

    I know exactly the connection between heartbreak and chopping off hair oh yes..

    And let go is surly the best.. difficult but do-able. .

    Take care girl and all the best. . And you definitely look good ..

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  12. Music and chocolates are a lot less expensive, and just as effective.. or so I think. Or a hug with teddy bear.

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  13. I’m glad you did this for yourself – it’s the little things that make such a difference. You look lovely – but then you always do! 🙂

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  14. Aww, do you feel better now? As for the hair, it will grow back so no worries about the change although you do look cute 🙂

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  15. Beat About The Book says:

    You look great. Hope you’re feeling better too. I am dying to do something drastic with my hair – maybe one day I will!!

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  16. LOL oh but tequila may kill you! I loved the before and after. You look great! Chin up my friend. After all, tomorrow is another day!

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  17. I always believe cut hair cut care and find that hair cutting is a perfect solution to lifting my spirits. Go for it girl!

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  18. I am glad that you decided to let go of your pain in a way that suit you. 🙂

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  19. Chocolate cures a lot of ills-and isn’t as permanent as messing up your hair – at least, until you find out how much weight you’ve gained. Speaking from experience….

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  20. Haha…well you go girl..sometimes it’s good to indulge ourselves to feel better..I am however keeping clear of salons because finally my hair has become completely curly and all the forcibly straightened hair is gone , so I don’t want to ruin it in a parlor…for now at least!

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