Of Books and My Most Favorite Word

I loved reading books since childhood. My mom and her sisters had a huge library with over 5000 books of varied genres. Mom always read out stories of Rapunzel and Thumbelina as a kid and that’s how I went to bed at night. She guided me in picking the right books and in fact, was uncompromising […]

Of Smoothies and Pineapples

You know by now that I’m enjoying my vacation in Kerala. It’s raining Pineapples here 🙂  As a kid, I loved having Pineapple Smoothie. We had a pineapple farm and Dad used to always make this special smoothie for us, kids. And that’s the only smoothie I ever loved. Not even the mangoes! Oh yup. […]

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself

We all have flaws, don’t we? And the sooner you realize that, the better it is for you. But what is that one thing which you want to change about yourself? Ask me that and may be I could list out many. Is it my temper? My impulsiveness? Me being over dramatic? Or is it […]

The Month That Was… #FebruaryRoundup #MondayMusings

The month of February is my favorite time of the year. There is a lot of celebrations, love and merriment going on. Well, that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t writing much in here. The month started with a bang with me celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Just that I was all alone and was […]

Of Books, Reading Challenges and its Impact

Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not lose. – Neil Gaiman I totally agree. But there will be a few for anyone which would have touched their soul in some way or the other. I can pick quite a few as my favorite books and I’m sure these […]

Smile…it costs nothing #MondayMusings

Some days, it’s so easy to smile. You wake up to your cab driver’s voice saying he will be late by another half an hour and you snuggle under your blanket for another five minutes. You get ready and find yourself greeted with a hot cup of coffee made by your husband or your roommate. You […]

On Zeroing in…

Hey you lovely people. It’s been a long long time since I have penned down something. And choosing today, the 31st of December, the eve of New Year is a mere coincidence. So, this is definitely not another ‘New year, New Me’ post. Not another ‘Good bye 2015’ post and definitely not another ‘My resolutions […]

Messy Life. Missing Life.

I just wanted to scream out loud and run away somewhere. It was as if everyone and everything around me wanted to blow a fuse and I wanted to eat them alive. Though a dear friend, a colleague of mine tried to cheer me up in the best of his abilities, I knew I had […]

When Life gives you Lemons…

Have you ever been in a “Trishanku Heaven“? Where you are dangling in your own paradise and another? I had been – the last week. In fact, I was swinging to and forth among three choices- each one better than the other. All I had to do was pick. And the choice I tell you, is life changing. […]

Heartbreaks and Haircuts

Earlier this month, I decided to go for a complete makeover! I was going through a rough patch and God knows what I was thinking, all this while. I got my heart broken for the nth time and it was an awful feeling. It still is. And as usual, I wondered whether I will ever […]

What’s your Passion? #blogtemberchallenge #septemberchallenge

Passion. No, get your dirty head out of the bedroom. I’m simply talking about your passion in life! It’s a very difficult question, don’t you think? At least for me, it is. Passion is something you are obsessive enough to pursue. It is not at a moderate level that you can categorize as your hobby. […]

Tears on my Pillow

The rain started to pour. Drizzling softly at first. I loved it initially, something which brought the delicate side of me. I lay there, wishing the drizzles would calm me down. But then, the storm began, making me challenge my love and life. Making me know that life is not just about being safe and comfortable. Life is also about […]

Quote Challenge Day 1 – Be Like a Duck!

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”  – Michael Caine It was just another day wherein my alarm rang at 4am, my cabby picking me from home at 5 and me reaching work at 5.45. I knew I had a busy day ahead. But little did I know […]

Pay a Compliment #TangyThoughts@tomatoes

I was sad being at work today. Just one of those days were you are moody for no reason. And mind you, it is not easy to deal with my temperament during such days. I had hell lot of e-mails to reply to and a deadline to meet, thirty minutes into the routine. And to […]

Talk! #TangyThoughts@tomatoes

“When you don’t talk, there’s a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.” ― Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Dairy Queen My roommate and I were having a chitchat. She had been away at home for the weekend and I was going haywire not knowing how I was supposed to spend three days, alone. This […]

.. and Life Goes On..

Yesterday was day 1 in a new apartment with new roomie. Unlike me, she had to be at work and I was home house alone (can’t call that room of bricks as home) from dawn to dusk, crying myself to sleep. My husband has left as part of work, may be for two years. There was […]

From S to XXL and back! Well, will be!

I was never Size Zero. And the mere concept cooked up so much hatred in my tiny heart. Maybe, solely because I believe believed that it was never my cup of tea, or that it was never a healthy way. I was always happy with my curves, near to perfect. The lowest I have ever been was […]

Withered Days #WordOfTheYear

A very happy new year to all my dear readers- few but definitely important and valuable! This is my first post of the year and in case you are wondering where on earth I was all these days, I should say, I was right here. Everyday I opened this so-called “Add new post” page but […]