What’s your Passion? #blogtemberchallenge #septemberchallenge

Passion. No, get your dirty head out of the bedroom. I’m simply talking about your passion in life!

It’s a very difficult question, don’t you think? At least for me, it is. Passion is something you are obsessive enough to pursue. It is not at a moderate level that you can categorize as your hobby. For example, I love cooking. But in the next five years, do I see myself as the head Chef at Gordan Ramsay’s restaurant? Probably not. I love my job. But no, I do not see myself as the CEO of the Multi National Company that I am employed with.

Passion is something that makes you come alive. When someone asks you what you are passionate about, it is easy to answer that you do not know. I for instance did not actually know what I am passionate about. I gave it a thought. Like, this whole day. Since dawn when I saw this prompt to write about, these little ideas started eating my brain. I strongly believe that passion is something you cultivate, maybe right from your childhood days. Unless you are willing to try something new, you are never going to find out what you are so ardently in love with.

My Mom firmly believes that I started dancing right from the time when I was in her womb. Literally. She has got enough and more ‘baby kicks’ from me that she had to think it was a boy who was playing football inside her. They were so proud of me and I still remember my Mom’s happy tears and my Dad’s tight hug after they watched me perform for the Bollywood number Dola Re. I was just a teenager! How I wish, I had a copy of my performance to watch it now! I am a trained classical dancer, of fifteen years. Have a look at me now and you are not going to believe!

Now, that’s the sad part. As life came in my way, through college, career, marriage and all that is related, I stopped dancing. Just like that. There is no excuse whatsoever. And the funny part, my husband has never seen me dance. Other than maybe, shaking a leg during some parties. But, if I have to say how passionate I am on dancing, I will say I choreograph each and every song on my playlist in my head. Yes, I do that. Break my heart. My instant reaction will be to put on some music and dance it out. Yeah, even before shedding a drop of tear. Weird! Sounds like me.

I know that I am not doing anything to follow my passion. I wish I had the strength to do that. Blame it on my horrific reason of me being bulky. Yeah, inhibitions. I’m good at that.

Anyway, if I have to define myself, it would be something like this:

More comforting than friends, more passionate than a lover, soothing than music, precious than diamonds, brighter than sunlight,  deeper than the oceans…

P.S: This is the only video I have of me dancing in my college days. An impromptu! Wish I had something good enough, like my classical dance performance to flaunt. 😦 😦

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  1. Beautiful. But I’m still wondering what’s stopping you from following your passion – even as a hobby. I see no inhibitions in that video!


  2. Lovely dance, Shalini. 🙂 You do know that you should continue doing what you are passionate about to bask in pure joy, don’t you? Now dance today, every day, and make videos, so that you can enjoy years later, just like you did with the above one. Do it NOW, okay?


  3. Wowowow.. you are goood. .

    In college I was so passionate I tell you. . So much I made to do. . I had to do.. but life happened sadly with alll the responsibility and everything .. things got left behind. And I do regret a lot. Maybe one day I will get to do what I want to do

    Coming to dancing I was in my college bhangra team and we participated in youth festivals and won the competition 3 years in a row.. sadly in those days we did not have video cameras etc..


  4. Oh, it seems to me you miss dancing my friend..? Go ahead- follow your passion, whatever makes you happy. its great isnt it? Music and dance always gets me in a good mood- food for body and soul. Big hugs


  5. I loved this! You should start dancing again. You seem so passionate about it x


  6. Wonderful, graceful…I used to love dancing, actually I still do..I’m a trained Kathak dancer, school shows and so on but had to leave all that behind when studies took over my life…Wonder if those days will ever come back..I think not! Sigh!


  7. kentuckygal50 says:

    Theatre is to me what dancing is to you, I suppose. I have not set foot on the stage since my children came along, nearly 19 years ago.


  8. Whoa, you sure seem passionate about dancing! It is this kind of passion that keeps us going in life. Writing being one such passion, isn’t it?

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  9. Wow! You sure seem passionate about dancing. It’s this kind of passion that keeps us going in life. Writing is another such passion, isn’t it?


  10. Dayyyym gurl! Those are some awesome dance moves 😀
    Awesome description too at the end:) – modest, aren’t we? 😀

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