From S to XXL and back! Well, will be!

I was never Size Zero. And the mere concept cooked up so much hatred in my tiny heart. Maybe, solely because I believe believed that it was never my cup of tea, or that it was never a healthy way. I was always happy with my curves, near to perfect. The lowest I have ever been was 54 which I guess is a decade back. I then piled on kilos and kilos until I realized that I should look good at least in my wedding pics. I then came back to 58, which again is 2 years back. And then?

Get married young lady. Be pampered and cherished by your beloved and then wait and watch.

You will have the urge to cook such delicious, appetizing dishes, just to see the twinkle in his eyes and a playful smile on his face after tasting the food you prepared. Oh that moment! You travel, dine out every weekend, celebrate special occasions and all the festivals listed on the World calendar. Hailing from South India and now living in the Western region, I should admit there is change, in food and lifestyle. I gorged on Golgappas and Wadapavs whenever possible (read tea-breaks everyday), celebrated Diwali with such exuberance that I gorged on all the fancy sweets- Rasgullas, Gulab Jamuns, Sandeshs and  Motichoor Laddus. You also juggle between your personal life and work, working late in office, skipping a meal  or two or eat fat at odd hours. I used to have my breakfast at 6pm, lunch at 2am and dinner at 8am- a true reversal of the biological clock when I worked in night shifts. Not that I complain. I love what I do and will hold on to my job as much as I can take it. And to top it all, I tend to gobble on a whole Dairy Milk packet or two whenever I am stressed or sad. Little did I know that the cellulites are accumulating on different parts of my body, mostly at unwanted places. Little creeps, I tell you!

Time flies and then realization dawns as your colleagues start to fondly address you, “Kungfu Panda” and others. Oh, take a back seat! I’m not writing down other names. You needn’t ogle more if that’s what interests you. The Kungfu Panda revelation is only because I say to myself that he is cute and so am I.

You then alarmingly check your weight and get close to a cardiac arrest when you find yourself added to another 22 more! Oh yeah, a whooping 22! (You can do the Math!) The next stage is to desperately hold on to the different crash diets available on internet. I have successfully completed the GM diet, starving and grieving my stomach, losing 7kgs a week (yes, I’ve done it) and then gaining 10+ the following week. I was then headstrong in owning an exercising cycle which at the present moment is dismantled and packed to be sent. So, I have reached a conclusion that neither can I exercise (Oh, how much I hate this word!), nor can I keep the cravings away. You are depressed, shy away from being clicked for photos, cry on your husband`s shoulder and move on.

So how did I keep fit for the wedding? As simple as eating three proper meals everyday and snacking fruits and veggies instead of those deep fried pakoras. A balanced diet would incorporate carbohydrates, whole grains and cutting down on processed food. I have made small changes in my lifestyle now. Starting my day with a glass of warm water and a spoon of honey, having a cup of green tea with a spoon of honey instead of my favorite cappuccino with dollops of sugar. Cut down on my Dairy milk intake, the soft drinks, MAGGI packets, deep fried foods, the chips, the kurkures, oh, and so much more. There is no easy way and there is a long way to go, but I am on it.

Check out the Dabur  “Honey Diet”. Stay Fit. Feel Young.

This is a Sponsored Post. The ideas are solely mine, though!


  1. GM diet! I did that too but wasnt as successful as you were! Just lost a kg or so! :/


  2. Hate to sound clichéd but..Same Here! 😉 and i swear i dont wanna lessen your hopes but losing weight b4 marriage is easier than after. I was born fat and stayed that way through school. Then i lost a considerable amount while working but put on lots and lots of it since i got married 6 yrs ago.

    And u know the best part, Post marriage i had to move to the suburbs so restaurant, dining out and junk food are OUT of the question!!! I cook all through the year. Wholesome vegetarian food. YET!!!! Figure that!!!

    I feel ur pain sweetheart 🙂


  3. This is a lament that so many of us have! I gained a lot of weight after quitting smoking in 2003 and then menopause helped to pile on even more, plus, hubby and I enjoy our dinners out. Sigh….Never been keen on exercise and arthritis plus asthma makes that difficult at the best of times. A constant struggle! 😛 You’re still young, so losing weight should be a little easier for you. Sounds like you’re on the right path and I wish you much success!


  4. Weightloss can be stressful… in desperate moment we try all kind of things that are harmful for our body, crash diets and putting our body through unwanted stress. A simple healthy life with enough exercise brings about amazing changes. I completely rely on Green tea, Yoga and vegetables to keep my health in check. Fast food has long disappeared from my list. Totally agree with Shanaya. Finishing dinner before 8 is a good practice.


  5. shanayatales says:

    I have a hard time replacing my morning cup of tea, and don’t seem to get regular on the hot water, honey and lemon routine. 😦 However, eating the last meal (dinner) before 8 pm has helped me lose 10kgs over 5 months. Not drastic, but something. 🙂


    • You are kidding! 10 in 5months that too because you eat before 8? Wows… my dinner is at 11 always and I have to be up at 4 to be at work at 5. Woah! No wonder I’m not reducing. 🙂


      • shanayatales says:

        Yeah, since your work schedule is different, I guess you may have to alter the time. But do try this out. Initially I used to be really hungry since I was used to eating at 10ish. Over time, my body adjusted to the revised schedule. 😛


  6. I still have some weight to lose to get to my ideal weight and this post is an inspiration 🙂


  7. Love ur post, Shalzz. While its good to be health conscious-I am guilty on that for too much sweetness and choco-from time to time we should indulge. Choco and my hot fav Gulab Jamun plate is a great stress buster. I hate the whole size zero syndrome and like curvy people, of course girls:)


  8. Love ur post, Shalzz. While its good to be health conscious-I am guilty on that for too much sweetness and choco-from time to time we should indulge. Choco and my hot fav Gulab Jamun plate is a great stress buster. I hate the whole size zero syndrome and like curvy people, of course girls:)

    Check this old post:


  9. Good for you with your new healthy way of eating! 🙂 It takes courage and discipline to do so which I do not yet have! 😉 ❤ I went from a Medium (about a size 10/11) to a Large (size 12) or X-Large (size 14) in some things over a matter of a few years, partly menopausal, but mostly for my love for food (and primarily sweets). Easier to put on than take off unfortunately!


  10. I went yoga and Pilates class which helped not only in losing the after pregnancy weight but yoga also helped and still helps me a lot in managing my never ceasing back pain. I used to drink hot water, lemon and honey mix, also green tea. They are simply great. Your post reminded me to start with them again, Shalini. 🙂

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  11. I lost 10 kgs before my wedding and I have another 15 to go to achieve my ideal weight. I gained 4 kgs back after wedding. I wanted to impress my hubby with my skills so much that we both are over-weight now. Have to start with gym and diet again.



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