That Bar of Chocolate

Oh, it was one of those days! Another tiring, exhaustive day at work. One year of early morning shifts has not made any difference. Neither could I get up at 4 in the morning, nor could I be all fresh and happy at 4 in the evening, getting back from work. And poor husband gets […]

How can a Hearing Impaired Child be Given the Magic of Sound #SoundsOfCricket

Did you know that 360 million people in the world suffer from disabling hearing loss? Of which 32 million are below the age of fifteen? And that 60% of the childhood hearing loss is preventable? I am sure, you didn’t. And neither did I. When we, a few bloggers from Pune, decided to spend a […]

How and why I cooked my first Chicken Manjurian!

“What’s for lunch, honey?”, he asked! It was just four months after our wedding and a week of living together. Blame it on his job, it took all these days to get an accommodation (that too temporary) at the military campus. That just mean I hadn’t had a chance to cook for him yet. So, when this […]

#Airtel4G The Next Big Thing

“This da@@$n thing is not loading!”, I screamed. “Shalu, you are testing my patience. One, you wanted to watch a Malayalam movie in a city like Pune. Two, you booked the tickets at a movie hall far away from home. Three, you swore with all your might that you have the GPS activated on your […]

From S to XXL and back! Well, will be!

I was never Size Zero. And the mere concept cooked up so much hatred in my tiny heart. Maybe, solely because I believe believed that it was never my cup of tea, or that it was never a healthy way. I was always happy with my curves, near to perfect. The lowest I have ever been was […]

#MyAirtelApp- a LifeSaver!

“Khan khan khan, shake your phone..♫♫ shake it up… shake shake…♫♫♫”, I sang along the latest ad aired on Television. Little did I know that the ad would be a life-saver for me soon. A few days ago, P left to Delhi for some official work. It’s the first time since our wedding that I […]

Breakfast in Bed

On this bright Sunday morning, taking a break from the routine rut, I sit in the hotel bed with my husband. We hear a knock on the door and it is the room attendant bringing us breakfast of eggs, pancakes, waffles and smoothies. “We should take a break like this once in a while”, I […]

Look out for #AsusZenfone2

“Shalu, heard that your MNC is giving special bonus to their employees?” “Yes, Mom! Yay!!” “So, yeah if you do not have any plans get me a new phone!”, Mamma chuckled. “Why not, which one do you prefer?”, I asked her. “Your choice. You know that I am a big zero in all these matters. […]

Pizzahut deals with 27coupons

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child That’s true, isn’t it? We are foodies- my husband and I! And seeing him devour the yummy delicacies I prepare at home makes my heart grow fonder. We also have many a moments where we try out different cuisines from various restaurants. […]