If we were having coffee – 24 Oct 2016 #MondayCoffeeShare

Oh, I have got so much to tell you! Today, let’s take a stroll down the lane, walk to the cafe nearby and also get a pastry as we sit outside. Winter is here and I’m loving the beautiful weather. It’s my favorite season of the year and I heard winter in this part of the country would be bad and long. Well, I’ll have to wait for that because it’s just the end of October.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my week started slow and ended with a bang! As I told you last week, I had come back from a mini-vacation and was trying to set things in order. Because by the time we reached, it felt as if our home had been hit by a sandstorm. Ha! And then Thursday saw me sulking. I tried many ways to lift my mood , but then succumbed to sleep which helped me relax and get up the next day feeling refreshed.

I would tell you that I am part of the #BlogBuddy program which one of my favorite blogging communities- BlogChatter has come up with. This is the 3rd season of the program and I am glad I would belong to a great gang of bloggers. More on that in the coming days. Stay tuned!

I would tell you that last weekend was the busiest since a long long while. It was the annual fest at the IIT Roorkee campus and we had absolute fun. We attended the evening session starting with the Vague Fashion show. It was Kavya Khurana MTV Splitsvilla winner who judged the show. You can imagine my excitement meeting her as I do love the show. Yup. Judge me all you want! Friday night also saw the renowned band, the Italian duo Marnik setting the stage on fire.

PC: @marnikofficial

PC: @marnikofficial

Do you know, there were many programs and stalls set up throughout the campus on all three days and it was truly the most happening place to be in this city, this weekend. We hopped from one food stall to another, relishing on Kathi Rolls, Pizzas and fried chicken.  We decided to go for the ‘Campus Princess’ program on Saturday and was gladly surprised to find Alankrita Sahai, Miss Diva Earth 2014  judging the show. She truly looked like a diva and we were simply bowled over by her charm.Alankrita Sahai

Sunday saw me shopping for the first time after reaching here in this city. I am not a huge fan of the place and I cannot stand the way people stare when in public places, be it a market or while walking on roads. But I was surprised to see many popular clothing brands and I must say it was a loot when I came back with many bags of dresses and accessories.

If we were having coffee, I would say I had the most memorable night of my life by attending Sunidhi Chauhan’s concert on Sunday. Man, she was on fire! So much energy and she took the audience by storm in a matter of minutes. She is a true performer, I tell you! We could stand right in front of her and I found myself singing and howling and hooting and whistling all throughout the 3 hours of her performance. I was under a trance as told by my husband and his friends. So what if my husband claims that it was to him she said, “I like you. Love your energy” but I truly believe it was me who she pointed at! Ha! My Fangirl moment!

Sunidhi Chauhan Concert

Well, it wouldn’t be my husband, would it? For he was busy checking the India- New Zealand cricket match score while she was bowling my heart over and over again!

If we were having coffee, I would say that Diwali cleaning is in progress and I set my #WritingCorner in order. Next in line is my book shelf. More pics in the next session.


That’s the non-messy version!

I’m glad we had this session for I feel so good after a roller-coaster week. I would love to hear how your week went by.

Until next week,



This post is for Day 24 of UBC and Daily Chatter. Also linking to #MondayMusings @CorinneBlogs.


  1. I love reading your Coffee share posts, Shalini. How well you sum up what you did. I watched Sunidhi live in Bangalore a few months ago, and it was truly an amazing experience!
    So you finally shopped in Roorkee?:))) I love the look of your writing desk, and shall look forward to pictures of your bookshelf:)


  2. I can feel your happiness after attending that event. Love your writing space too 🙂


  3. pratikshya2 says:

    Love the pics.. what a fun weekend you had.. so full of excitement … I have never witnessed such shows live… Wanna experience that .. your writer’s corner looks great. …


  4. Nice cuppa..n a great chat, your days seem so funfilled. have greater times and enjoy


  5. Loved this amazing coffee session .Starting look for Monday coffee.Your writing nook looks great


  6. Haha… loved that you enjoyed yourself.. I was under the impression you were still in Kerala and was wondering where Sunidhi came!
    And hey, it’s an Indian guy’s solemn duty to check cricket scores in between other stuff… it’s there in our constitution somewhere, I’m sure…


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