Sharjah Shake

Sharjah Shake is nothing but banana milkshake which is commonly found in juice shops & bakeries in Kerala. It is one frog-s-letterof the most common shake that we get in ice cream parlors across the state. Topping with vanilla ice cream, peanuts, Milk powders as Boost and Chikki/Cashew/Badam makes the difference here. You will fall in love with this refreshing drink. Very apt for summers 🙂

Sharjah Shake


Small Banana – 1, Cashewnuts – 5-6, Sugar – 3-4 tsp, Milk – 1 1/2 cups,frozen, Boost – 1 tsp(any chocolate flavored malt powder would do)


Add the banana, cashewnuts, sugar, boost and the frozen milk and pulse till you get a thick milkshake. 

Pour into a cocktail glass and serve chilled.

You can also add a generous scoop of ice cream on top, some salted peanuts and sprinkle some instant coffee powder for enhanced taste.

Linking it to Only summer foods and drinks event by Shailaja and Pari’s giveaway. If you are a food blogger, join hands- let’s link to these two amazing bloggers….

only summer food & drinks


  1. Different name shake. Looks yummy. Thanks for linking.


  2. sreejapraveen says:

    Aha 🙂 A beautiful recipe 🙂 Just reminded of what someone told me when I said we were living in Sharjah 😉 That guy asked me, so you have sharjah shake every day 😀


  3. My Kitchen Moments says:

    Oh i love this Sharjah shake. I remember drinking it so often during my college days 🙂


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