Shave to Outshine #WillYouShave

In  a world of hairy men and long beards, I kept searching for my Prince Charming. Right from my childhood, I often wondered why men were spotted with weird looking beards on their faces! They called it a Goatee or a Soul Patch or a Mutton Chops! Whatsoever, it was just plain facial hair for me!

As I grew, so did the loathing. And then came the marriageable age and the umpteen number of proposals which my Dad had brought in for me. A typical scenario went like this:

My phone rings, ‘Dad calling’ and I do not pick up the call until the last ring. “Shalu, how was your day at work?”

“Nothing much, Dad.. as usual”

“Ok dear, grab a pen and paper and note down these IDs. They seem good and they match your horoscope too. Let me know which ones you liked. We’ll narrow it down”. And then he reads out the Matrimonial IDs of the most eligible bachelors in town for his little princess.

Yes, a typical office-after evening of mine went as above. It did get on my nerves at times and I never even bothered to take a look at them. And finally when the pressure was so on, I did. I was taken aback seeing the line of “narrowed down” profiles and literally had tears in my eyes.


I decided to watch the popular Tamil movie “Vaaranam Aayiram” for the zillionth time. And this particular scene where the actor comes out of the Military Academy in his uniform made me sob, cry and pray to God to get me married only to an officer in the Armed Forces.

Screen Captures

Was it only the “Men in Uniform”- kind crush which I had from my teen years? Or did it have anything to do with the charm and personality of an officer? Or was it the mere fact that they are always well-groomed?

I believe that a pleasing face is nice to look at. It enhances your personality and can impress people. Who knows when an opportunity strikes at your door? One feels good if one looks good and it definitely boosts up your self-confidence.

As of my story? It went on to have a perfect ending.

How? Well, yeah, this guy with a clean-shaven and well groomed face did come to my home to “officially meet” me and had in fact, struck gold by having me say “Yes, I do” and being his lovable wife!

major (2)

P.S: Being an Army wife, the author does advocate men to join the Forces. But she also wants to send a strong message to all the men out there, to kindly shave so as to look your best every day, whether it’s for an interview, your day at work, at a party, a date, a festival and what not! Period.

P.P.S: I had been tagged by Lata and then by Vinita to write this blog post.

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  1. Smart and handsome and well groomed! Can’t beat that!


  2. Loved it ❤


  3. Thanks, Sulekha 🙂 I agree too…. 😀


  4. Clean-shaven men look good but I have seen a few bearded hunks too 🙂 My husband had a beard when we got married but shaved it off after a while, he is a Naval Officer(now retired) 🙂 Lovely post.

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  5. I used to LOVE beards and moustaches, the latter in particular years ago! Don’t know why. However, now I prefer a goatee though not all men suit them (and once upon a time I hated it) so you never know, you could just change your mind…or not! 😉 ❤

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  6. I love your cute story. Yes a man in uniform is irresistible, especially when he’s well groomed and handsome to boot!

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  7. Aha! Didn’t know you are an army lady..then you’ll enjoy Vikram Karve’s blog. Endearing post, Shalini:)

    My take on it:

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  8. I generally prefer the clean-shaven look myself!

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  9. Ahh the quandary..To shave or not to shave…I like some stubble on my man 😀 My dad has a beard and I think he is the most handsome man in the world so I’m not too particular about men shaving 🙂



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