One Step at a Time

​“It’s over”, you said! Taking my love away and ripping my heart too. I tried to apologize But you don’t seem to care There is so much love left If only you knew. My days are too long and nights turning cold PC: Wish you were here, for me to hold. But then you […]

Eternal Love..

When I crawled on the ground and took baby steps

I fixed my eyes on you

Even when I hung upside down from a twig in a silky cocoon

UBC Day 7- iSmile #7- Wish Upon a Star

As I lay in bed to catch forty winks I look out my window and memories sting. Are you willing to listen and wait? Cos’ that’s a long list I can make. Oh, how I wish that he was here!! Alas, here I am, shedding a tear. To have him stand in front of me […]