Eyes of Deceipt

How when your eyes look into my own Melt my heart and caress my skin How when there is nothing to reflect Do your eyes echo love and care Perhaps if I hurt enough, the pain will go away Perhaps if I cry enough, the tears will start to dry It hurts when you puts your […]

First Kiss

As days pass by and nights are long, I still cherish our first kiss and tag along. I trembled as you grabbed my waist and held me close So close that my eyes shied away and a smile engross. Your eyes spoke a million words And like a dew drop caressing a bright red rose, Your […]

Last Tango in Goa- Part 1

Here’s what I promised- my first attempt at writing a Novella, a love story! I hope you read and pour in your thoughts! ~~~~~~~ This is new to me! I was never comfortable going to a pub or in wearing LBDs. Forget LBDs, I couldn’t even handle myself in those pump heels. And now, here […]

Ways to Mend your Broken Heart

So, he ditched you! What are you planning to do with your little heart? “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” -especially if you are the one who wanted the relationship to last. You feel as if your life has been completely stripped of meaning. Nothing […]


Trying hard to concentrate on the book, She knew she was being looked upon as an alien in the bus When they were all glued to their smartphones, both with eyes and ears. Neither did they know her state of mind Nor that she was trying to scrutinize She was down in the dumps Too scared to look […]

Longing…..for you!

Sitting by the window, I am watching the rain fall, Fond and warm thoughts of you start flooding my mind And as I look deeper, you are all I find. Each drop whispers your name as they kiss the ground So soft, tender and as sweet as an angel’s song. As night falls, I step […]

Day of Love

P has left for work and I’m sitting here, doing nothing. It is one of those days where you feel depressed for apparently no reason. Or is there a reason? I don’t know. Sitting in the living room all alone, I was watching the gold fishes playing in my little aquarium. Thoughts started flooding my […]

Dear Crush

I’m participating in the A Letter A Week, hosted by Nibha. This week asks me to write a letter to my Crush. It was totally unexpected how I met you for the very first time. That moment… I know I had lost it! I was excited seeing you laugh, smile and dance. Yes, I fell for […]

Eternal Love..

When I crawled on the ground and took baby steps

I fixed my eyes on you

Even when I hung upside down from a twig in a silky cocoon

Mom, You’re the Best!!

It was December 26, 2014. The day when Tsunami hit the world. Little did we know that a massive Tsunami would hit our lives too. It all started with a dry cough. Mom coughed every time she talked for five minutes at a stretch. There was no infection or mucus down her throat. So, when […]

(Un)Conditional Love

In the dark of nights when the rain fell heavily outside, I lay in bed thinking what she has done. Was my love conditional when I took care of her all this life like my baby, when I was not her mother?When I tried to save this soul when I myself was a victim? Was my love conditional when […]

Best of Friends

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The post must contain the word Friend and you have just 5 sentences to complete your story. And it has been adjudged the WOW Post!! Yippeeyayy!!! “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . […]

Silent fear..

Featured in Tangy Tuesdays-Seven Great posts written by Indian bloggers! on Blogadda!! Visit:  http://blog.blogadda.com/2014/01/28/tangy-tuesday-picks-january-28-2014-great-posts-indian-bloggers Also for Daily Prompts:Tainted Love In the dark of night when all is still Thoughts of you in my mind do really fill.. I read your write so sad and blue Is it what I am thinking so really true.. Inside […]

A bond that binds you to me..

This is something which I wrote a year back… when I was engaged!! Everyday when I depart my slumber You fall upon my gazing eyes Insisting and persuading me to rise And then comes the cockcrow Beaming a million bright ambassadors of the morning As I look down at your loving facade I often end […]