I Decided to #lookup

Seeing your Mom slip away to the hands of death is not a pleasant moment to face is one’s life. I have been there, seeing her life being sucked out of her by cancer. I have written about it in detail before, when I felt I was ready. It was a disturbing moment when I […]


I’m often judged for my extreme personality. You can find me in bliss in both a calm lake and a loud waterfall, in an LBD and a saree, in a bright red lipstick and stilettos and also in my comfy pajamas! So, my point is, why should you choose? Why should you pick only pick one? When I […]

My Day with Coffee

It’s four in the morning and my alarm rings. I hate it. And I just don’t want to get up from bed. The mere thought of leaving the coziness of my comforter to getting under the chill water from the shower make me shudder. I am grumpy. “God, why am I in this kind of a […]

The Mirror Never Lies

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Your conscience that kills your continual adventures? Seeing you through your own eyes What is it- truth or lie? Look over your shoulder and things become any clearer Is it a hurt or is it a Damage? You hide it in your eyes and smile like bright […]

Happy Birthday, Madras!!

I remember shedding tears when my job offer asked me to report to CHENNAI. Yes, I wept thinking of living in a hot, humid and unclean place. At least that was what I heard of the city before stepping in. I boarded the train and my fears came alive when I crossed Palakkad and entered […]

UBC Day 9- iSmile #9- A Thoughtful Gesture

Carry out a Random act of Kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.                                                      – Princess Diana […]

UBC Day 1- iSmile #1- Football Fever

I’ve been out of blogging for more than three weeks now. I wasn’t lazy, but I badly wanted a break which ultimately served me right. It has taken off some kind of pressure and I could take time to breathe in my busy schedule. Going through a bad phase at work, I was always whining for […]

For every joy that passes..

..something beautiful always remain!!! I had read this quote on a friend’s scrapbook years ago. It stays with me even now- though the beautiful moments have passed, our pics help us to relive them. I’m a great photography lover- doesn’t mean I’m good at it. But I love clicking and when I found this prompt at Write […]

I’m Blossom- the Powerpuff Girl!!

It’s a WOW Post!!! As a little girl, I fancied being a Powerpuff girl. We were three friends who wanted to fight against monsters and villains. I declared myself as Blossom- head-strong and a natural born leader who knows when to speak and to just STOP and think! 🙂 I’m the one with brown eyes […]

Dad, You’re my Life, My Everything..

“Shalu, Mamma is diagnosed with a minor tumor. Nothing to worry, Molu (dear). The doctor said it can be easily removed. So, we are planning to admit her in hospital today itself for surgery early in the morning tomorrow. I will call you back soon.” Dad hung up. It started there. What seemed to be […]

Mom, You’re the Best!!

It was December 26, 2014. The day when Tsunami hit the world. Little did we know that a massive Tsunami would hit our lives too. It all started with a dry cough. Mom coughed every time she talked for five minutes at a stretch. There was no infection or mucus down her throat. So, when […]

I’m Me-A Woman!

Its a WOW Post!!!! Yaaayyyyy…!!! K…girl… I hear you. It’s Women’s Day- the one day in the entire year when you actually go around and wish your “girl” friends and family a very happy “Women’s Day”. Oh, really!!! Happy Women’s day???? Are you kidding me!! Right from the very moment you were conceived and declared […]

Best of Friends

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The post must contain the word Friend and you have just 5 sentences to complete your story. And it has been adjudged the WOW Post!! Yippeeyayy!!! “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . […]

Broken Dreams?

“Many of us search for a purpose, mission, or long to live out some particular dream but never venture outside of the box where we feel the most comfortable.  What are the reasons for this?  Safety? Security? Fear? Rationalism? Are you living your life to your fullest?  Is there something missing that you are holding […]