Of Smoothies and Pineapples

You know by now that I’m enjoying my vacation in Kerala. It’s raining Pineapples here 🙂  As a kid, I loved having Pineapple Smoothie. We had a pineapple farm and Dad used to always make this special smoothie for us, kids. And that’s the only smoothie I ever loved. Not even the mangoes! Oh yup. […]

#BNLF: Part Two: A Petrified Me and Two Shots of Tequila

With a Mojito in hand, I casually inquired at the hotel reception about other Indibloggers who checked in before me. Thankfully, I was allotted a room next to another blogger. The receptionist however, mentioned that she was out with another blogger who stays in a room three floors above mine. I knew by now that […]

How and why I cooked my first Chicken Manjurian!

“What’s for lunch, honey?”, he asked! It was just four months after our wedding and a week of living together. Blame it on his job, it took all these days to get an accommodation (that too temporary) at the military campus. That just mean I hadn’t had a chance to cook for him yet. So, when this […]

Pizzahut deals with 27coupons

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child That’s true, isn’t it? We are foodies- my husband and I! And seeing him devour the yummy delicacies I prepare at home makes my heart grow fonder. We also have many a moments where we try out different cuisines from various restaurants. […]