11 Coffee Quotes That I Love

Whether it is Hammerhead, Long Black or a Latte Macchiato, if you love coffee there is a strong chance that is a fiery love. A savage love. The ‘I can’t live without you’ love. Trust me. This is coming from someone who recently went through an excruciating coffee detox. And I learnt that there is no […]

If we were having coffee – 10 Oct 2016 #MondayCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee

Hey, you guys! Welcome to another Coffee Session with me. The last time I told you that I am visiting my parents in Kerala and that I am hoping to have some great time with them. Yes, indeed I am so happy to have this break from mundane tasks in life and I am enjoying my […]

Of Books and My Most Favorite Word

I loved reading books since childhood. My mom and her sisters had a huge library with over 5000 books of varied genres. Mom always read out stories of Rapunzel and Thumbelina as a kid and that’s how I went to bed at night. She guided me in picking the right books and in fact, was uncompromising […]

If we were having coffee – 03 Oct 2016 #MondayCoffeeShare

If we were having coffee

Welcome to this brand new series on my blog. Inspired by Sanch’s #WeekendCoffeeShare, every Monday I invite you over to my lil’ space to have coffee with me. We could chat, go over how our week was and Psst..psst… gossip too! Why Monday? Of course, because of the blues surrounding this day. What else but a […]

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself

We all have flaws, don’t we? And the sooner you realize that, the better it is for you. But what is that one thing which you want to change about yourself? Ask me that and may be I could list out many. Is it my temper? My impulsiveness? Me being over dramatic? Or is it […]

Gratitude, September and I

It is always good to look back and cherish the little things that made you happy. Those which pushed you to breathe in times of chaos and struggle. So, here I am, penning down my Gratitude list from last month. September had been a good month for me, especially when it came to my blogs. […]