All set to sail with #Blogbuddy v3.0


It was the last week of March 2016 and a thrilling ICC World T20 match between India and Bangladesh was on. I logged into Twitter and as if by divine intervention, I was pulled into a group chat thereby discovering the Blogging Community- Blogchatter. Little did I know, that it was going to change my blogs, for […]

OZiva Protein And Herbs –For Every Indian Woman Who Puts Her Family First!

OZiva Protein and Herbs –For every Indian woman who puts her family first! Have you ever told yourself that having a toned look is almost impossible when you have to look after your family? You prefer cooking things that your family loves to eat. You denied yourself your “Me Time”to take care of your responsibilities […]

Indiblogger Launches IndiPR

IndiBlogger underwent some revolutionary and major changes by launching IndiPR– A self-learning engine that automatically targets the right publishers. They have successfully established themselves as a major brand in the field of blogging and has now ventured in the world of content marketing and especially press releases. With an automated and well-thought platform, IndiBlogger is all set to help […]

Aww… Happy Feet!

The most exciting and fulfilling news for a couple is when they find out they are pregnant! Every pregnant couple needs to enjoy their pregnancy because these are moments and experiences that will last a lifetime. Traditionally, when a couple finds out they are pregnant they turn to different areas to gather information, products, services […]

#BNLF #Stayzilla #Freestay Home, anytime anywhere!

“Hey, Ni…. I think I need to cancel the BNLF!”, I ‘Whatsapped’ dejectedly. I knew I was kinda ditching her at the eleventh hour, but there was no go. “Arey, why???? You were super-excited for the event that you were even planning to bunk office. What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you are backing out”, I could […]

Curtain Raiser #‎AtoZChallenge‬ Theme Reveal 2015

Before I reveal the theme, let me make a confession. I didn’t have the nerve to participate in the A to Z challenge this year, especially since I enrolled my food blog for the same and I know it’s going to be overwhelming. But then, there was my husband P and a couple of close friends […]

Unexpected Celebration #GameofBlogs

It’s a WOW post!!! It was one bright and sunny morning when I saw this post in Blogadda, #CelebrateBlogging!! The curious me stepped in and found about the Game of Blogs- a never-before seen-thought-happened event in the Indian Blogosphere. All I had to do was register and then opens the world to CONNECT| CREATE | COMPETE . […]

Mystery Unfolded- #WhatTheBlack

Remember me writing two posts on Black, a few days back? And by now, you would’ve realized that I adore Black. When I saw the contest on Blogadda then, I immediately jumped out writing two posts. I couldn’t contain my list of favorite black things into just five. 🙂 While submitting my post, Blogadda asked me […]

D is for Daisies- a New found Love!!

Let me begin with a confession- I don’t like gardening! I know, don’t point fingers at me. But I’m definitely ashamed to say that I don’t have the patience for the same. But I know two persons in my life who absolutely love it. The Two Men in my Life- My Dad and P. Right […]

In the Middle…

Treat to the taste buds, the secret lies in the middle…     P.S: WordPress says, this is my 200th post!! Yayyyyyyyy ❤ ❤

S is for….

  Six yards of sheer elegance ❤ S.A.R.E.E   Six yards of grace, draped perfect for the occasion, You enhance beauty to a demure bride.. Pride of an Indian Woman- the poor, the rich and in the middle!!  #FMSphotoaday: August Photo-a-day challenge

What’s for lunch, Honey?

“Photo-a-day Challenge“ prompts me for Lunch today! Well, that’s the best prompt ever for me 🙂  If you ask me what my favorite cuisine is, I’ll without a doubt say Chinese! Yeah, and not Indian.  And my favorite among them is Honey glazed Crispy Prawns. The day I cook Prawns like that, I’ll consider myself as a […]

For the Love of Green

Inspire by Laurel’s photography, I’m signing in for the “Photo-a-day Challenge“. There are prompts for each day for the month of August and today asks for showcasing….. Landscape! Image: A Panoramic View from Singhad Fort, Pune Such a lovely sight, isn’t it? Pledge to save the Nature. Plant a tree. Stop cutting trees. Spread the […]

In an All New Avtar

Tale of Two Tomatoes is now officially Something’s Cooking. I’m glad to introduce to you my new space-solely dedicated to food, recipes and memories. Doesn’t mean that my Tomatoes are gone. I’ll be equally present here, penning down only my musings. Just that, I didn’t want to mess things up 🙂 Figuring out a new name took longer than I […]

MysteryBox1: #whattheblack

Down with diarrhoea, I was asleep when my hubby came running to the bedroom with a small black mystery box. I was fascinated seeing it. I was instantly up forgetting my fatigue and started clicking pics. Wondering #whattheblack it was, I found a lil’ note inside the box, not to ponder much over which came […]

My Handpicked Few..

Talk about five blogs you enjoyed visiting over the last two months and why. Share your thoughts about them. Link to them. And let them know so they can come visit you. – Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt Let me start by saying that I have received the “1000 likes trophy” from WordPress for my Blog […]

UBC Day 3- iSmile #3- To blog or not to Blog

I didn’t want to start the write by me whining again. But it was a terrible day. And I have no idea what I should be happy about today. I missed my cab as I over-slept, thought of working from home and the power decided to play games with me at the exact moment I […]

Sunday Musings

I am participating in the Writing 101 Blogging U Challenge from Each prompt will have two parts: a prompt (the inspiration or subject of your writing) and a twist (an additional requirement or restriction to help you push your writing. I’m looking forward to it very much. I know it is going to be challenging and […]