Love #MicroPoetry


  It’s a #MicroPoetry today! I hope you like it! This post is for Day 23 of UBC and Daily Chatter. Also linking to #MondayMusings @CorinneBlogs.

And that’s what I am!

I can go on and on about the little things I love For I get jumpy When I receive a handwritten letter which I’ll ever let go off. I believe in fairy tales, shooting stars and magical endings But family and warm hugs are more splendid. Sunsets and beaches send me to an odd melancholy But chocolates, new recipes and breakfast in […]

Will You Come Back?

She stood by the window And waited for her hero; All while wondering where it all went wrong For he was like her favourite slow song. She waited and waited in vain At least to meet his glare in fury and disdain. He was imprinted on her brain For forgetting the image of him made […]

When I was a Kid

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ha! that’s a question we face at different stages of our childhood! Oh, in different forms too! Be it a casual query, to write an essay on or the topic for a speech. but, doesn’t the answer vary with age and grade? At six, I […]

Paint my Life

Paint my life with florals. With all the joy they bring. Paint my life with florals. So it may feel like spring. Paint my life with florals. In autumn’s brilliant world. Paint my life with florals. Before my love whirl and swirl. This post is for Day 15 of UBC and Daily Chatter

Photo Friday 

Tell me I can’t and I’ll show you how to find the sun behind the storm that brews just out of sight! This post is for Day 14 of UBC and Daily Chatter

Promises Forgotten

We once held hands interlocking fingers, A promise to each other We said we would be strong, united, supportive; That the vast oceans wouldn’t separate us And we would make it work. But then the winter arrived with darkened seas, turbulent waves, and dangerous, unchartered waters. Questioning the belief we had in each other Whether we could […]


It’s time to say goodbye Though my heart terrifies. Across the stars you soar up high You’ll cope up by and by. The night has come and I sing to you Ha! And I know, you’ve no clue! Ssshh…. Come closer love, I’ve got a secret It’s over, I’ve found closure. Oh, there’s no next time my […]

One Step at a Time

​“It’s over”, you said! Taking my love away and ripping my heart too. I tried to apologize But you don’t seem to care There is so much love left If only you knew. My days are too long and nights turning cold PC: Wish you were here, for me to hold. But then you […]

That’s a Promise!

It’s a growing pile of unread books, cutouts and scribbles, The TV is on and I hurry, to jot down on my iPhone. The post-its doesn’t seem to work, neither does the scribbles on his letterhead For I digress the very idea of getting anywhere close to you. All the pain and tears, through these […]

Wishful Thinking

A set of dreams that were unrealistic.. Cracking all the interviews ever attended, Having a list of jobs to choose from, An Army officer as a life partner, Topped the list. Never wanted to win a million dollars, Never to marry a royal Prince, But as it may seem, they all came true. To set […]

Cocoon Dreams

So small, so tender I live in my cocoon that seems like forever. Day and night, in rain and in storm, I sway on the flowery branch contained in my home. Wrapped in silk, asleep for many a day, I look forward to that time where I could flutter away. Creepy and crawly, my hair […]

What You Do Not Know

You scream your lungs out when I play with fire, Mom What you do not know is, I was plucking ‘that flower’ to give it to you. You throw your hands up in the air when you find my little treasures between the cushions of your favorite sofa, Mom What you do not know is, […]

Eyes of Deceipt

How when your eyes look into my own Melt my heart and caress my skin How when there is nothing to reflect Do your eyes echo love and care Perhaps if I hurt enough, the pain will go away Perhaps if I cry enough, the tears will start to dry It hurts when you puts your […]

Skies of Gray

It is a dismal, eerily, darkest of dark nights. A crack of lightning sends shivers down your spines. She waits by the window, as she’s done every night Staring into the darkness for a sign from her knight. If I make a wish to chase the dark away Will you see my tears that glisten […]

Angels and Demons

My muse goes into hiding in a goddamn gutter these days, that too frequently. And a dear friend of mine keeps poking me to put the pen to paper. This time, I decided to shock him asking if we can write together…something…anything..any day! And the result? This poem! I must say, that we both were […]

Unbreak my Heart #poetry

Been almost an year, most things forgotten Musing over the ‘if onlys’ and toying with the idea The decision I made that affects my present as well as tomorrow I wish I could undecide and release the ghosts of my past. Overwhelming, unexplained Out of reach, taunting its very being. I bet you find this […]


Sensuous, sweet and exciting She waited for him, this sunny afternoon. Anticipating to quench his carnal desires, to get lost in his insanity, his pleasures. He tasted the sweetness of her lips, appreciated the pleasures of her submissive flesh. “You are delicious!”, he said to the ripe, yellow mango in hand. Life- and it’s simple pleasures! […]