The Zealous #AtoZChallenge

Talk about Army and the first thing that comes to my mind is Passion, the Zeal. Other synonyms would include courage, vigour, love, diligence, spirit, brotherhood, ethos, comraderie, respect, friendship, warmth..oh, the list goes on. The time has come to put a rest to this amazing #AtoZChallenge! Whoa! What a wonderful feeling of sharing the […]

Yeh Jo Des He Mera #AtoZChallenge

I am an emotional being. I get goosebumps when our National Anthem is played- be it in a movie theatre, or when our Flag is hoisted on special occasions, or when we sing at the end of our class, or even when our cricketers line up before the match. There are few songs who makes […]

The X-factor: Army Wives #AtoZChallenge

The Officers in the Armed Forces can be associated with the terms dynamic, disciplined, prim and proper, smart, chivalry, charismatic, energetic..oh, the list seems endless! Then, what about us- the Armed Forces Wives? Do you think it is easy for us? As if everything is given to us wrapped in a beautiful gift? We have […]

Welcome Prank #AtoZChallenge

So, you have seen the photograph from yesterday! That was how I was ‘welcomed’ to his Unit/Regiment. We landed at the Pathankot Army Base at six on that freezing and cold March morning. One clue? One warning? No, he didn’t give me any! Instead of blabbering about the regiment, things like these are of utmost […]

The Voila Moment #AtoZChallenge

For any Armed Forces wife, there would be that one voila moment in their lives! It could be when your darling soldier takes you to the Border, or on a tank, a military aircraft, a helicopter and so on. May be these would happen in my life too, at some point. But as of now, do […]

The Uniform #AtoZChallenge

Men in Uniform- that itself is charm! The 10-yr old me, who sat behind Dad’s gypsy, seeing him saluting the officers and subordinates, made me make up my mind. Yes, the admiration started then! And when Dad asked me who I wanted to marry, I said, “An Army Officer”- hands down! Was it just the fascination of […]

That Inaugural Tussle #AtoZChallenge

“Shalu, I got my posting order. It is to Kupwara”. “Kupwara? Where is it?” “J&K” “What? Would you be allowed to take me too?” “Do you want to come along?” “Of course, what question is that!” “What about your job?” Now, that silences any army wife with a decent enough career. “It’s okay. You continue […]

Pangs of Separation #AtoZChallenge

“Thank God, you have a job. You would be able to deal with living apart from him”, they said. True. It’s been ten months that he has been posted out and because of the nature of my work, I am trying to deal with the obvious facts and fears. Does that help always? No. Never! […]

And we Roam…. #AtoZChallenge

In the Army, one thing is constant- the tenures every two years! As they say, change is the only thing constant. We can either make a real hullabaloo of it or embrace it gracefully. It is in fact, fun and the excitement is infectious. We at the Army are trained to behave and act in a […]

From Quarters to a Home #AtoZChallenge

Getting an Army accommodation in a station is by sheer luck. You may get it in a week’s time or in nine months’. You may have to live in a temporary quarters till then and literally live in and out of the military boxes, neck deep in bubble wrap & cardboard boxes! More so, you might […]

Partiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeessss #AtoZChallenge

Given an option between going out and being at home, I would rather choose to curl up with a book and a mug of coffee. But there are days when I love to wear my nine-inch heels, flaunt that little black dress and pretend to like people and their company. And I tell you, in […]

Offr’s Mess #AtoZChallenge

Did you mistake by offers mess? Na, it is called Officer’s Mess. Officer’s Mess stands tall in the traditions of our Armed Forces. It is a wonderful institute that houses all the major historical events of the Regiment. It possesses mostly the marks of the great achievements by showcasing the many silver trophies, mementos and […]

Nail it! The NDA Visit! #AtoZChallenge

Ever since I stepped in to a military school, I have been hearing about NDA. I became so obsessive with it that a visit to NDA had found its place on to my bucket list. So, when my husband asked me if I would love to watch the Passing Out Parade of the Cadets in […]

Must-Haves in an Army Wife’s Wardrobe #AtoZChallenge

Few things in an Army Wife’s wardrobe is integral and imperative. It is definitely, not a Gucci handbag or MAC lipstick or a Dorothy Perkins dress. These are some essentials that would help you survive the theme parties, the official parties, the ‘whatever’ parties or the unexpected guests at home. a. My bet is always […]

Ladies Meet #AtoZChallenge

Ladies Meet as the name suggests is an official meeting of Officers’ wives. In earlier days, with no telephone and no other means of frequent interactions, the ladies often felt left out, especially with their husbands away guarding the frontiers. Such meets thus became a means of solace and comfort and also to meet ladies from […]

Know your Heroes #AtoZChallenge

Go to an Army station and you will be welcomed by many heroic quotes by the brave men who guards our frontiers. Never once have I not experienced a tinge of sadness and pain. The sacrifice that each of our soldiers, staying far away from their home and family cannot be compared with any other. […]

But, what about your Job? #AtoZChallenge

We, the Army Wives are bound to be asked this question, at some point in life. May be as early as the first week of our marriage, three years or at least in ten years. The question is inevitable. As I mentioned before, when we sign up for being an Army Wife, other than the […]

If You Are Given a Chance… #AtoZChallenge

A thought came to my mind last night, while travelling back from work. Yeah, don’t ‘Whoa’ me. I know it was a Saturday and I was working till 11.30 PM. And for the record, I still am in office right now on a Sunday night. That was when I decided to pose a question to […]