Dil Se..

“Mira, it’s 6 o’clock. Get up. Up. Up”, Arjun poked her to wake her up from deep slumber. “Please, Arjun. Five more minutes”, she pleaded. “No. We’ve been postponing our morning walks since the day you’ve joined me. And it’s been three months. We had decided to take care of our health. And it begins by […]

Drama Queen

“Arjun, do you remember that day of my Dining In?“, Mira blushed. “Ha! How can I ever forget? That night when you were scared like a puppy and was shivering like a leaf when our Commanding Officer’s wife asked you to sing along our live band“. Arjun had a smirk on his face when he’d […]

Eyes Like Saucers

Arjun’s junior officers were waiting for them at the Army base and the newly weds were asked to exchange garlands. But what caught Mira’s attention was a huge sand-truck waiting for them. Click here – You wouldn’t be disappointed. I assure you! And then come back. 🙂 She looked at Arjun but he was busy interacting […]

You’re Toast!

“Do you really think that I don’t love you?”, Arjun asked. “I hope you understand some day soon”. Mira knew that Arjun was happy seeing her. That twinkle in his eyes after he saw her coming out of the Indira Gandhi Airport, couldn’t be easily missed. In these few days of their marriage, Mira knew […]

Eleventh Hour

“But I have been waiting to join you for weeks. Why don’t you let me? Isn’t it enough to leave me in ten days after our wedding? Why did I take a month long break from work? Why did you have to report on duty now? And..and you’ll be moving to a field area of all places, […]

Light Bulb Moment

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to catch some sleep. But as a painful reminder her engagement ring shone bright in the darkness of the night. More so, his name engraved on the ring simply broke her heart. “I should inform Dad tomorrow. The wedding needs to be called off”, she whispered, only to […]

Hair on Fire

This is going to be the best time of your life– said one and all. Courtship period- where the couple who got hitched, spend some ‘quality-time’ before the wedding day. The time when they bond, share and communicate their expectations. But not for Mira. It’s been two months since that evening and Arjun hasn’t been in […]

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

“But, the bus will wait only for fifteen minutes”, Mira said over the phone. “That’s okay. It will not be like last time. I will be there in five”, said Arjun before he hung up the call. Mira hoped that he will not be late again like when they had met over a cup of coffee at […]

Keen as Mustard

“So, would you like to grab a coffee tomorrow?”, asked Arjun on the day of their engagement. “Sure. I will tell Dad”, Mira blushed. Ha! The perks of an arranged marriage, Arjun was quick to roll his eyes. Next morning Mira wore a simple yellow salwar suit and headed to Barista. Arjun was nowhere to […]

..and We Soar High! India 2050

And it’s also a Winner of WOW Year 2050, On a bright Sunday Morning: “Mamma, why are you smiling”, asked Nitu. Having purchased the weekly grocery, we were heading back home from the local market on a city bus. “I was thinking about my childhood, dear. I can’t help but notice, things are so different these […]

Tiny Shoes

“Look how excited you are!  Slow down, Megha. Our flight is only the day after. And you would awaken Isha”, teased Rohith. They were going back to their motherland after so long. Megha’s excitement is obvious as they were travelling to India for the first time after Isha’s birth. It took 36 hours for them […]

Caught Red-handed

“Ma, but no. I did not eat butter”, said little Krishna when he was caught red-handed. Yashoda looked at her son seated on an upturned mortar with butter smeared hands and feet. Krishna ran as if very much afraid, when he saw Yashoda coming with a stick in hand. He allowed himself to be caught […]

A Queer Voyage

“Mom, I decided. My birthday party theme is Frozen Princess. I will have a blue princess dress, glass sandals, a tiara, a castle cake and..and..” “Fine, Anu. But now get ready for school. Where are your shoes?” As Mira went about searching her daughter’s shoes, the phone rang. “Hello Mira. It’s me, Shekhar. I have […]

The Revelation

It was then that I realized- something life-changing was about to happen. It was only a few weeks ago, when I snuggled lazily in bed, listening closely to his heartbeat. He had placed behind my ears, those few strands of hair that was falling over my face. He had kissed my forehead and as I struggled to […]

The Date

“Bloody hell, It’s seven, already! How long did I sleep!”, I sit bolt upright in bed not wanting to go after the obligations that lay ahead. A fight with him every other day has become a routine after I have quit my job. Having worked in a round the clock project in the I.T. Sector for a good […]

What’s Life without Love!

Clad in a simple but elegant cotton saree, she stood there by the window. Though in her mid-forties, she didn’t look a day older than thirty. Watching her, Tareeq realized that she was nothing short of a blessing in his life. She had the quest for life, that spunk in her, that made him head […]

That Bar of Chocolate

Oh, it was one of those days! Another tiring, exhaustive day at work. One year of early morning shifts has not made any difference. Neither could I get up at 4 in the morning, nor could I be all fresh and happy at 4 in the evening, getting back from work. And poor husband gets […]

My Perfect Day #blogtemberchallenge #septemberchallenge

I snuggle lazily in bed, listening closely his heartbeat. He places behind my ears, those few strands of hair that is falling over my face. He kisses my forehead and leaves. I struggle to open my eyes and he is already out for his morning jog. It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is up, the […]