Forever alone No more- Z #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

Clock shows: 11.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: The Final hour and a few more  Shakespeare Words/Idioms Used: Zany Yes, the time has come. I am now escorted by my aunt, sister and other girls to the mandapam to thalapoli, similar to the way the groom was welcomed. Read more here. My Dad has held my hand to walk down the […]

Forever alone No more- Y

Clock shows: 10.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 02 hours  Shakespeare Words/Idioms Used: Yare, Your mind hold I am being visited by family far and near and I guess my friends are here as well. His mother and sister has also paid a visit now. I liked her, his sister! I’m meeting her for the first time as […]

Forever alone No more- X

Clock shows: 9.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 03 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: X-factor I can hear the tune of nadaswarams and thakil (long wind-instruments). He has reached! My family will now receive his at the entrance of the hall. He will now stand on a wooden plank while my cousin brother washes his feet. Normally, it is done by […]

Forever alone No more- W

Clock shows: 8.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 04 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: With bated breath, What the Dickens!, Wear your heart on your sleeve With bated breath, I look in the mirror and what do I see? A ghost! I don’t know whether to cry or scream. But I smile. I can’t cry on my wedding. I simply can’t. […]

Forever alone No more- V

Clock shows: 7.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 05 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Vanish into thin air I get the shock of my life when the makeup artiste says she would leave after she is done with me. But how? After the main wedding ceremony, I will have to change twice. Yes, two more sarees in two hours- […]

Forever alone No more- U

Clock shows: 6.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 06 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Up in arms I’ve officially said goodbye to my home. On the way to the wedding venue, I stop at a temple to seek blessings, pray and cool down my anxiety. It’s 7.30am when I reach the venue and I can very well imagine my […]

Forever alone No more- T

Clock shows: 5.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 07 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: The crack of doom, To be or not to be, There’s method in my madness, This is the short and long of it Time runs by fast. I have taken bath and is now ready to leave home to the wedding venue. My makeup artist (as I […]

Forever alone No more- R

Clock shows: 3.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 09 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Rhyme or reason No.. I can’t sleep. Just an hour more and Dad will wake me up. And then the day begins! Everything I do seems to be without rhyme or reason. I have not slept a wink. I know I probably should, for the […]

Forever alone No more- Q

Clock shows: 2.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 10 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Quick Mettle As I lay in bed to catch forty winks I look out my window and memories sting. Are you willing to listen and wait? Cos’ that’s a long list I can make. Oh, how I wish that he was here!! Alas, here I […]

Forever alone No more- P

Clock shows: 1.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 11 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Primrose path, Pound of flesh “Mom!!!!! No!” It is embarrassing when your Mom secretly calls you for a talk, without the notice of your younger unmarried sister, for giving you advice regarding your wedding night, and also trying her level best not to let the […]

Forever alone No more- O

Clock shows: 12.45am / Date:03Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 12 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo……“, I played along like Juliet, evoking a snicker with my lines. My sister is amused seeing me dance with a dupatta.  Oh.. I’m thrilled!! 🙂 I just can’t stop myself and I’m jumping […]

Forever alone No more- N

Clock shows: 11.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 13 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: No more cakes and ale No more cakes and ale? How is my life going to be? I am worried. But then something makes me smile. After a good six hours, I see his missed calls. Okay, so he had called. And that’s a relief. I reminisce […]

Forever alone No more- M

Clock shows: 10.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 14 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Much ado about nothing, My salad days ….I remember the blushing me not even able to look meet eyes. So forget asking him to wear me the ring! I had to leave for work in two days and he came to drop me at the […]

Forever alone No more- L

Clock shows: 9.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 15 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Laughing stock Lost in your thoughts is where I find myself… Often wondering whether I’m sane In your eyes can my heart melt…. For you I’m enamored, smitten and hysterical … *that’s so insane* As i depart my slumber each day You fall upon my gazing eyes Insisting […]

Forever alone No more- K

Clock shows: 8.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 16 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Kill with kindness As I greet the guests graciously, my thoughts go back to the gift I had made for him. Yes, MADE. We haven’t exchanged anything for the last ten moths. As you already know by now, even the phone calls were rare. But, […]

Forever alone No more- J

Clock shows: 7.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 17 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Jaws of Death I’m asked to have food. In fact, my Mom grabs my wrists and walks me out to the dining area. Embarrassing though! But, I’m kinda hungry. My friends from my work has come to attend my reception. They are coming from a […]

Forever alone No more- I

Clock shows: 6.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 18 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: In the twinkling of an eye, In a pickle, I bear a charmed life My mehendi(henna) isn’t red till now. We believe, the more red or dark it is, the deeper would be the love between the couple. It also represents love and understanding between the bride […]

Forever alone No more- H

Clock shows: 5.45pm / Date:02Feb13 Singlehood ends in: 19 hours  Shakespeare Idioms Used: Heart of gold, Heart of hearts I’m being escorted back to the reception hall. Well it’s not a hall exactly. I remember having to fight with Dad into not spending a bomb for a Wedding eve reception- especially when the groom or his family is unintended […]