Of Books and My Most Favorite Word

I loved reading books since childhood. My mom and her sisters had a huge library with over 5000 books of varied genres. Mom always read out stories of Rapunzel and Thumbelina as a kid and that’s how I went to bed at night. She guided me in picking the right books and in fact, was uncompromising in what I read. Oh yes, Mills and Boon was out of reach until I was a teen. I was more into The adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn or Animal Farm rather than Famous Five. Of course, I drifted into reading the entire collection of Nancy Drew stories when I was in seventh grade. I still remember the librarian looking at me in awe when he compiled how many books I read that entire year.

It was then that I came across the book, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. There were many new words that were used in the book and Mom helped me understand the meaning of each of them. She used to make me write down the new words I found, find the meaning from the dictionary and make a sentence using each word. This was an exercise I thoroughly enjoyed always. Some of my favorite words came from my reading of this book and it includes magnanimous, unfathomable, sumptuous, zealous and debauched.

But my most favorite of them all is CRESTFALLEN. Such a sad word, I know. But then, I told Mom that I associated with the word, the stars falling from up above. Whenever I think of the word now, I envisage

Of broken crystals and tear drops.

Of broken hearts and sorrow.

Of melancholy and blue.

Of love that ended in a goodbye.

Of forlorn and farewell.

Of hopes that are dashed and feelings dissipated, never to return.

Do you have a favorite word? I would love to know it and why.

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  1. Stumbled upon the blog by chance. Love your space! 🙂

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  2. Crestfallen and the meaning you made out of it is so human… Lovely..Nancy Drew was a favorite too..

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    Oh yes what a fantastic word! I love crestfallen too.

    Notable mentions for ethereal, myriad, brouhaha and so many more! I was thinking that love was my absolute favourite word, but maybe it’s more the feeling behind it. There are so many other words that rarely get used in everyday conversation but are just so satisfying to read or say.

    Visiting via #FridayReflections


  4. Interesting choice, Shalini. I am not sure if I have a favorite word. I love words, that’s all I know. 🙂 You are so lucky to have a mom with such wide grasp in books to help you with your reading. 🙂


  5. I love how your Mom helped you enhance your vocabulary. Crestfallen is such a ‘pretty’ word, no?:)
    I don’t know what is mine, but you’ve made be think now:)


  6. An interesting choice of favourite word. I’m not sure I have one. It would be too hard to choose one.


  7. Isn’t it hard to choose one favorite word when you love books so much? How do you narrow it to one?


  8. I remember reading Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick and the world of Famous Five as a child. I used to sit and write new words, diligently searching in the Oxford dictionary. What joy! 5,000 collection is incredible. Can’t think of a couple of words..yeah I use traipse a lot and dunno why!


  9. Your mother gifted you a treasure in the form of books… I started reading only in my late teens… Would have been great if I had started earlier… I have always felt bad for my limited vocabulary.
    My favorite word these days is nostalgia. May be I like the feeling of living in the past.


  10. pratikshya2 says:

    I remember my favorite word a few years ago was ‘ nostalgia’ .. now I have so many… Especially the untranslatable ones with meanings so deep..

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  11. Reading is one of the best gifts my parents gifted me. Crestfallen? Haha. I have so many favorite words. Splendid for starters 😉


  12. Reading was and is my favourite hobby! My dad introduced me to books and I am glad he did because books now are my best friends. And I don’t have a favourite word.


  13. Amazing


  14. Wow !!Love it 🙂 I love reading too !n surely can draw inspiration from you !


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