One Step at a Time

“It’s over”, you said!

Taking my love away and ripping my heart too.
I tried to apologize
But you don’t seem to care
There is so much love left
If only you knew.

My days are too long and nights turning cold



Wish you were here, for me to hold.
But then you took my happiness away and my smile too
Letting the pain and tears through.

I should’ve known this coming
As you don’t lose someone you love over night
Wish it wasn’t this late, before I realized.

Promises were made, which you didn’t keep
And now you’ve shown me
It’s time for me to weep.

Maybe it was better if we were just friends
But there are no questions, accuses or offends.

The wait is too long, deserting me in pitch black
Now I’m leaving, not turning back.

Trying to let go, a love sublime
Oh baby! You’ve l


This post is for Day 6 of UBC and Daily Chatter

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  1. hey…nice poem! the reality of relationships


  2. Amazing poem


  3. Nice poem ..You write poem too ?
    I am flattered at your multi talents 😉


  4. Sometimes it’s really better to be friends. Relationship status are important to be cherished.But some things are inevitable


  5. Shalini, a beautiful one that captures lovelorn soul. Every word is weaved so beautifully and the hidden emotions simply adorn the words.


  6. Wow … Wonderful poem, Shalini !!! Loved it to the core !!!


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