A Queer Voyage

“Mom, I decided. My birthday party theme is Frozen Princess. I will have a blue princess dress, glass sandals, a tiara, a castle cake and..and..”

“Fine, Anu. But now get ready for school. Where are your shoes?” As Mira went about searching her daughter’s shoes, the phone rang.

“Hello Mira. It’s me, Shekhar. I have boarded the flight. I will be reaching in three hours. And no, you are not driving down to the airport. I will be there in the blink of an eye. See you soon”.

Little did she know that it might be the last time she would hear him speak, that her wait might be forever, that her daughter might never get the princess doll.


It is stranger than fiction that an aircraft with 29 people on board goes missing on its voyage. It’s been a blank ten days after the Indian Air Force’s AN-32 aircraft (K-2743) ‘s sudden disappearance. But with the search still on, we hope and pray that sooner or later, there is some relief for the dear ones. After all, miracles do happen.

Join us for the BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Day 1 Prompt – Stranger than Fiction


  1. Is there a sequel to this? I’m hooked!


  2. fabulus1710 says:

    What a twist.


    Really. Your post took the prompt to an all new level. Keep the posts coming, Shalini! 🙂

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  3. Yes it is really strange that an aircraft with 29 people is still missing. Hope there is a miracle real soon. Nice take on the prompt.

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  4. nomadwrites says:

    The worst is not to know what to expect. The anxiety, hope to wait with a hope against hope. Sad that we can’t track planes completely! Fingers crossed for those few miracles to happen yet again. Good to be back here Shalini 🙂 Cheers.

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  5. pythoroshan says:

    Ya. It’s something we do discuss in the operation Theatre too. That with all the technology at our hands, we still haven’t mastered this – how to keep track of a plane in the air without it disappearing entirely.

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  6. Sad, isn’t it when such mysteries happen in real life. So difficult for the families to come to terms with it. Indeed life is stranger than fiction.

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  7. Shilpa Garg says:

    One of the hardest things one ever goes through is the unexpected death. Sad for the family!
    We do need a miracle for the missing IAF aircraft!

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  8. Baffling stories …these aircrafts going missing. Quite a few of them these days too. Let’s hope for a miracle

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  9. It’s indeed baffling to hear tragic stories of so many planes going missing. I feel so sad for the families 😦 Hope we hear good news about this one.

    Good take on the prompt, Shalzz.

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  10. Beat About The Book says:

    We’re all hoping for that miracle to happen. This is tragic.

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  11. may a miracle happen very soon! there have been too many planes going missing or crashing in the past year :/

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  12. Hope and fingers crossed that everything will turn out to be good.

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  13. inquisitivegeet says:

    All we can do is hope and pray for the families! No amount of words can soothe the pain that those families must be going through.

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  14. “After all, miracles do happen.”
    That’s the only hope that keeps the dear ones going. It is really unfortunate how there have been so many missing aircraft incidents happening lately. Prayers for those who are still waiting for their loved ones.

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  15. It is such a tragic situation. Wait keeps the hope but, those waiting are themselves burning inside each day!!

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  16. Very sad. Can not control my tears.

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  17. This is sad, very sad. I hope everything turns out good.

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  18. Lata Sunil says:

    I pray.. the airplane and the people are found. And they also show it in the news which is full of cow slaughter and other such useless news.

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  19. Rajlakshmi says:

    This is so sad…the family waiting in hope that probably he may still be alive.

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  20. So sad. I hope some miracle happens.

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  21. Yes, miracles do happen. Too many instances of missing planes over the past few months. How tragic. Unexpected mishaps are always painful!

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  22. It happens far too often — so sad

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