Sunday Sundae #AtoZChallenge

Hiya! I’m back with my Sunday Sundae post…after long! This time, it’s going to be really special. Guess why? Well, read on…

As you know I am taking up the #AtoZChallenge where in I write about an Army wife’s life. Honestly, if you ask me, I knew exactly what I should be writing about this year…only that I was all shaking and shivering two days before the first of April. I simply didn’t get any topics starting with the alphabets. I had accidentally joined a blogging community, @blogchatter via twitter which brought together a group of many like-minded bloggers who made it their sole motive to visit, read and show some blog love to each other’s posts. And boy oh boy, my blog has seen a huge difference. I have a huge readership to boast of now, all because of these amazing bloggers who resolved to drop by this lil’ space of mine, every single day.

For me, @blogchatter was just another blogging community. But, I somehow feel at home…and the motivation I get, reading each of them is tremendous and baffling. The urge to write a post before the clock strikes 12, the fire in the belly when you rush to their daily linkys for us to add our respective blog posts, the yearning to read your favorite blogs and of course, undoubtedly, the adrenaline rush you get every time your phone beeps with a notification. And Touche! IT. IS. A. LOT.


When I wrote my first two posts, I was skeptical. Big time. And I poured my heart out to Chandni from Life in Technicolour . All I asked her was, who would be interested if I have 27 black military boxes in my home! I was a nervous wreck but there was a persistent demand from her to just go with it and here I am, still sticking to the challenge, after seven days! Her space is one of my favorites this year, who I make it a point not to miss. How beautifully she narrates the stories and every time I read, I can clearly visualize them, as if they are playing right in front of my eyes. My favorite post from her blog is Dreams.

I should mention another of my favorites, who I cannot refrain from reading, commenting and sharing as soon as the clock strikes 12 – My Era from The Era I Lived In. Her theme is Parenting and eventhough I am not a parent yet, I can very well connect to her writes and you just get that instant vibe, a connection.

Here are my three favorite #AtoZChallenge 2016 posts, until now.

a. While the stats show, that the post Eight Questions Never to Ask an Army Wife  was well received, my personal favorite is Guns ‘N Roses. I was at work, pulling my hair apart, ‘cos I was just not getting a word with the letter G. I casually got up from my chair and declared to my colleages, that I have no idea what I should be writing about, that they should help in giving me a word with G, relating to the Army. Out came the answer- Guns, Shalini, Guns! I mean seriously! Why didn’t I think of it? Then an idea struck and I screamed in joy, Guns ‘N Roses. When I finished penning down the post, tears streamed down my face and I missed him, my soldier. There is only so much you can do to put up a brave face and smile, when he is away guarding the frontiers. And this lil’ post triggered the emotions which I tried to cover up all this while. Thus, undoubtedly my personal fav.

b. The post Family Welfare Meets, helped in showing the other side of the Army Wives and I’m glad I could emblazon that on this space. Another fab blogger, who tops my list of favorites this April, is  Inderpreet who blogs at Eloquent Articulation. She writes awesome stories, that too in very little words, and my favorite is Depressed. Such a sweet lady, who never said no to me, till date. She was always there whenever I pestered her with my teeny tiny doubts and these days esp. about the Army topics. Kudos to your patience.

c. I love to read the distinct and fascinating tips on Interior designs that Kala blogs about at Relax n Rave. Being an Army Wife, I have this opportunity of moving to different places every 2-3 years and that means, I have a new home too. These will definitely come in handy..and that too..soon!

And No, I’m not picking a third favorite post from among the eight I have written. I leave it to you. Let me know which one you liked the most.

P.S: I really cannot pick my favorite blogs! There are so many out there who I need to read everyday or else I feel damn guilty. They are fabulous and dashing! Oh yes, they are!

Roshan who writes about T.V. Sitcoms and Man, you would wonder if he had seen them all! Mind blowing.

Vinay who writes about the World of Harry Potter  (how can I not love HP)

Shilpa  and Geetika who never ceased to amuse me with a Flash Fiction

Aathira with her powerful stories about women.

Sunila’s Indian Mythogical stories and Shubhangi’s Incredible India

Nibha weaving some amazing stories every week, (the crime story she just penned is marvelous)

Soumya rocking with the All About Me theme

Parul who writes about Women: I am still stuck with her words, ” I will never walk topless or even want to but why should my choice become a law?” when she wrote about the campaign Free the Nipple.

Rajlakshmi’s theme of Whimsical Medleys

Tina cracking me up with some amazing anecdotes

Stephen’s He and She stories makes me want for more.

Dixita’s heart-warming anecdotes ( I still cannot take my mind off the Eighty Years of Love post, darl)

Mithila with the Weird words . Seriously! How do you get them?

True Stories of Women by Roma

Wedding Rituals at Silver Streaks

@Romspeaks, Random RagasRamyaRao, Reema, Seeya , Sneha , Sweety, Maggie ,@leprchaunrabbit are others on my regular reading list!

Whoa! That’s about 30+ blogs that I read every single day! And I truly intend to read more blogs as I know I am missing out on some fab writes.

Thanks, again @blogchatter for the brilliant opportunity given to each one of us as a blogging platform. Truly appreciate your hard work! ❤

‘Finding next level blog love through #AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter’

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  1. Very true. How can you not love HP? and how can you not love my blog? 😉 😛


  2. inquisitivegeet says:

    What an amazing post to on a Monday morning! Yes, Sunday was crazy for me and so it’s Monday. Thanks for cheering us all up. You know when I read the title, I was crossing my fingers, wishing to make it to the list! And it was. You truly are a sweetheart…
    Thank you for writing such a heart warming post. And a few of the blogs above are simply brilliant, including yours 🙂

    Stay blessed, stay happy!



  3. This is a really thoughtful (and insightful – got many reading tips!) post and showcases your warm caring nature – touched that you included my posts 🙂 Thanks Shalzz


  4. Wowow you have introduced so many bloggers ..and I do read a few of them they are fantabulous..and so are the posts you have written..

    Sometimes I wonder when will be ever able to write such good that people visit me tooo. .

    Amazing and I loved the guns and Roses one too..

    Awesome. ..


  5. This post has come like a cool night breeze to me after a mad Sunday.
    Thank you so much for mentioning me and making me all loved & special. This is true, it’s fun rushing to read your army wife tales at midnight because they’re so good and make me feel a connect to your life, knowing you more and more with each post.
    We’re one week into the A to Z Challenge and I’m loving the many wonderful blogs I have discovered & started reading daily 🙂
    Keep rocking!


  6. RamyaRao says:

    Yay! I am featured in the blog too. I love your theme and after your first post I just kept coming back for more. I love the way you share your experiences and pour your heart out.
    My personal favorite is Guns and Roses. Looking forward to read more. 🙂


  7. Woah! I’m glad to know that my blog is on your daily reading list. Your blog is definitely on mine. I love the way you tell us about being an army wife. I personally loved “Guns N Roses” the most. Looking forward to read a lot more from you. 🙂


  8. fabulus1710 says:

    Wow! I’m featured on your list too! ❤
    The Eight Questions post was truly fab!
    All your posts reveal the world of an army wife, and give a sneak peek into the lives of our jawans! I used to have this perception that army people are always strict and disciplined, and now I've learnt that they are all this and more! They too can love, they too enjoy life as much as they can. My respect for them rises a notch higher with your posts!
    I'm glad you spoke out loud about your fears with Chandni, and stuck to this theme. You wait till the end of April, and you'll find yourself overwhelmed with all the comment love from us bloggers!
    Keep going, and Happy Sunday! 🙂


  9. I loved reading your blog post on the recap of 7day blogging challenge. Woah thank you for adding me on your regular reading list.


  10. These little things that we are discovering this April are not simply ideas or beliefs that are getting stated. These connections are building conversations. Building lives as we know it 🙂

    SO glad you found Blogchatter 🙂


  11. Sweety (Kokiash2015) says:

    Thanks for the mention !.


  12. How sweet of you to mention Shalini! And trust me, like I loved your last years’ theme, I’m loving this one. Fabulous stories, anecdotes and narration. Not from an army background – I want to read more to understand what goes on that side of the world.
    All those blogs that you have mentioned – totally agree with you. Awesome content and themes. Have a happy Sunday and know that you made mine 🙂


  13. You are Rajma Rice , you make everyone happy 🙂
    Thanks for the love
    And good luck.

    Yes Blogchatter is like a home and o do read these all posts a day ☺☺


  14. Hi Shalini, you dear girl have absolutely made my day and also that of so many other fantastic bloggers! Truly gratifying to find folks swarming over to read your posts and leave behind thoughtful comments. You dear girl, are simply amazing – managing to post everyday on two blogs with mighty kick-ass stuff and minioning besides! Your Army tales are a delight to tuck into everyday bringing a smile while letting one peek into the real lives of army folks. I’ve loved every single one of the stories! I am grateful to @blogchatter for herding us all together and giving us a common platform to share all our queries, thoughts, griefs and highs, while goading, motivating, inspiring and cheering us all along! Once again thanks Shalzz for being the lovely and effervescent you! Love and hugs, Kala


  15. Hi Shalzz , i absolutely loved this post. you were like on an adrenaline rush. I could literally see you jumping up and down trying to hold up all that energy and enthusiasm.
    I am so happy that you mentioned me in your blog-discoveries and am happier still that you have carried on with this theme. I visit you to taste a bit of my past in every post – albeit from a different perspective .
    My personal fav so far is your Eight reasons post. I have been at the receiving end of many such questions pointed at my father. 🙂
    Wish you lots of happy times and yet some more inspiration to keep blogging!


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