Of Books, Reading Challenges and its Impact

Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you’d most like not lose. – Neil Gaiman

I totally agree. But there will be a few for anyone which would have touched their soul in some way or the other. I can pick quite a few as my favorite books and I’m sure these would always remain that way. These are the books that I can or may read again..and again..and again.

While some may choose paperbacks, others may be comfortable with e-books. I know I’m one who love paperbacks, because for me reading is in its full swing when I see the pages, touch and feel the book and oh yeah the smell of the fresh print or even a rusty old one. Or at least I thought so, until I was gifted a Kindle Paperwhite. My life changed from then on.

I do not have anymore prejudice conceptions favoring one upon another. Words in any form enlightens and takes us to a new world.

To be read

Currently Reading

1. Gone With The Wind and Scarlett: This classic is my favorite and it definitely tops my list. I remember reading this 1000-page book after my 12th Std Boards. I found it laying on Mom’s cupboard(she is an ardent reader too). Seeing the size and no: of pages, I never thought I would finish it. But I was so engrossed that I couldn’t put down even for sleep or food. It is about a woman who lived life on her own terms and conditions. I related myself to the main character- Scarlet O’ Hara- “I’ll think of it tomorrow, at Tara(her home). I can stand it then. Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.” The quote had helped me a lot. Doesn’t mean I keep postponing things, but when you need to take an important decision you need time! Oh, I love it!

2. Last Lecture: I bought this tiny book from the airport and I cold finish it in my two hour journey. The book is about the lecture that Randy Pausch was asked to give. He had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the lecture he gave–“Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”–wasn’t about dying. It was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment.

3. To Sir, With Love: The book is about a dedicated teacher in a tough London school who slowly and painfully breaks down the barriers of racial prejudice. It is the story of a man’s own integrity winning through against the odds and taming the bully school kids.

4. And Then There Were None: Ten people are invited to a lonely mansion on Indian Island by a host who fails to appear but leaves a recording accusing all of undetected murder. One by one each die according to a nursery rhyme Ten Little Indians. A confession in a bottle solves how nobody remains alive. Creepy, isn’t it? Agatha Christie at her best.

5. Harry Potter series: I was someone, who hated these fantasy, magical books. I believed that they did not belong to my taste at all. HANDS DOWN. I also have three cousins who used to stand in queue since the eve of this book launch only to grab a copy before it was sold out. I still didn’t get motivated enough to read’em. It was when I didn’t have anything to read and I asked Mom to lend me money to buy the entire series. Obviously she didn’t allow me to spend that much on some childish fantasy-as I used to portray them. Oh, don’t give me that look 😦 So it was due to this sheer bullheadedness, that I downloaded the entire collection of e-books and in a matter of five days, I finished the complete series. Oh, yeah…now I’m a huge huge fan.

6. Dracula: It still scares me like hell even though it was one of the first horror books I had read completely. 🙂

7.  Anna Karenina: Classic story of doomed love! Generations of readers have been enthralled by his magnificent heroine the unhappily married and her tragic affair with dashing Count Vronsky!

8. PS, I Love You: Gerry leaves a bundle of letters to his wife before his death -each note signed ‘PS, I love you’.

9. A Thousand Splendid Suns : It’s a moving story about two women set in Afghanistan, their bravery, kindness and self-resilience against the physical and emotional brutality. It wold touch your heart, for sure.

10. Nancy Drew series: I grew up reading Nancy Drew books and there is not even one on my school’s library that I haven’t read. 🙂

There are quite a few on my TBR list. Top two includes Rebecca and The Palace of Illusions. Both have been bought and is smiling at me from the bookshelf since two weeks. I am fortunate enough to be sent newly released books by authors in exchange of honest reviews and thus the books of my choice is still pending. Not that I complain! Taking up Good reads Challenge have been a boost. I have signed up to read 50 books and I’m already down with five. Isn’t that awesome? The impact on taking up a reading challenge is that I do not spend much time on social media. Good for you, you might sayl! True! But, II am happily perched on a sofa or under a blanket with the Kindle or a book with a hot cuppa coffee in this winter evening.

Have you read any from my list? Liked any? Share your top ten 🙂

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  1. I too definitely have to feel the pages, smell the book and then only can I get the full reading experience!


  2. Loved your list. I have read three out of them. It was like a review, reading which I would want to check out a few of them. I am going to grab The palace of illusions too 🙂


  3. I have recently completed A Thousand Splendid Suns..and P.S. I love You is one of my favs.. 🙂


  4. shanayatales says:

    I have read The Palace of Illusions. It was one of my favorite reads of last year.
    Rebecca is on my list for 2016. 🙂


  5. Last Lecture is on my list. I’ve read Gone with the Wind, Thousands Splendid Suns, PS I Love You and Harry Potter. Happy reading:)


  6. Oh. I’ve read only 3 of the 10 here. 😛


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