Atop Bablu, the Camel!

My husband and I had been planning for a vacation since three years. Oh, i.e, since the time we got married. It was postponed time and again for some reason or the other. And staying away from each other for a good six months made us realize that it’s high time we took one. Thus, from Paris, to Thailand, to Andaman our plans always ended up in a rather distasteful argument. So, on one fine day when he asked why not Rajasthan, I was dumbstruck as our plans always revolved around a foreign trip. He seemed excited though- to ride on a camel, to visit the forts and moreover to spend his vacation during the ideal time to visit the place.

I had my colleagues die of laughter when each day I changed plans and ultimately landed in a camel ride. It was embarrassing enough to hide under a closet when they said that I would enjoy my much-awaited honeymoon atop a camel. Whoops!

I went hysterical when Dad warned me against sitting on a camel, forget riding it. I was close to becoming unconscious when he said I would see Hell and Heaven together, at one single time. Well, I should believe him as he spent a good couple of years at the Jaisalmer border while on duty.

So on one beautiful evening with a lot of doubts, fear and speculations we started our trip from Delhi to Jaisalmer- the Golden City. I was skeptical to visit the place, especially because it was a mere 300km from the Indo-Pak border. After having peacefully slept during the first half of the train journey, I was taken aback to see the beautiful terrains where deers were seen everywhere happily grazing and hopping.

I knew that it was love at first sight. I fell madly in love with the place.

After visiting the popular spots in and around Jaisalmer, we set towards the Sam Sand Dunes. With a stretch of 2kms, the band of dunes is undeniably one of the most picturesque, I have ever seen. No wonder it is named the Golden City.


And then I met him- Bablu! 🙂 I was scared like a little puppy when I was asked to sit on it. I looked at my husband and he simply said its okay if I don’t want to. Okay, so now that my ego was hurt, I bravely climbed upon it. My heart was in my mouth. And yes, it was strange and awkward until he got up. Oh Lord, that was scary. If you do not listen to the caretaker of the camel, you would in fact, see both the worlds. There is a technique to hold on to the camel when it sits and stands up.

Once Bablu started his walk, I was at ease. Happily singing songs and listening to his stories from the caretaker, I began enjoying the ride. The navigation wasn’t as smooth as one could speculate. I knew my husband was having a hard time as he was sitting on its hump. Ha, so much for scaring me!

As we sat on the sand dunes watching the beautiful sunset, I looked at Bablu. He was beautiful. But that teeth scared the hell out of me! Aww, look at him!


It is only during the months from December to March that Bablu and his friends have this hard time or ‘jobs’, if you say so. Or else, in the hot and humid deserts, with no tourists around, they have a hard time trying to make the ends meet.

The Thar desert may be treacherous, but no, the city is definitely not forgotten.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Shalini. Bablu looks cute. I am glad that you had a nice time. 🙂


  2. hahaha that must be so exciting 😀 Where’s the pic of you atop a camel? and did you see heaven and hell 😛


  3. Good that you had fun! 🙂 And Bablu, I wonder if he had any idea that he had a celebrity atop him 😀


  4. Bablu looks really cute! What a fun ride! 😉 I’ve been on a camel ride before, it’s so fun. Rajasthan is a vibrant and beautiful place. I’ve been to many places but yet to cover Jaisalmer.


  5. Rajasthan is a beautiful place. I have been to many places in Rajasthan, but not Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. May be this year. And that camel ride is still manageable, but when it stands up and sits down, it is indeed a sight of both worlds together. 🙂


  6. Wow! That requires guts to sit on a camel….


  7. What a fascinating read about you taking a camel ride. I’ve never seen a camel. Not too many of them around here in Canada. LOL! It did sound scary but exciting. Nice photos, too. Bablu looks like a sweetheart once you get past that rough exterior. Did he have bad breath? I’ve heard camels have pretty stinky breath.


  8. Beautiful pictures 🙂
    I am terribly scared of camel rides (despite having dared it thrice till date) but someday, I’ll master my nerves and all shall be fine 😀
    So glad you enjoyed your vacation and you both could finally make it this time 😀


  9. Bablu looks fantastic. I’ve seen camels in Mumbai and other beaches on that coast that looked so starved and it breaks my heart that they’re so out of their depth and so badly treated.


  10. So beautiful! I wish to see the Thar.
    I remember seeing this picture on Facebook. I once took a camel ride but that was long ago. Good 12 years and I was scared – plus you are right, when get up you can fall down 😛
    I would love to try again.


  11. So lovely! I’ve gone on camel rides and they literally rock! Hahahah. They are so huge! Beautiful photos Shalini!


  12. That seemed like a memorable ride! I’ve been to Jaisalmer a couple of years ago. The scariest part of the ride was the take off and landing of course. Enjoyed your narration 🙂


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