When the going gets tough… #jobanniversary

I sat there shivering and sweating in my new blazers awaiting the results. Out of a handful of Post Graduates, my name was announced. Yes, I was recruited by one of the biggest IT giants in India. I still remember that moment when I was jumping with joy and happy tears pouring down my cheeks. Phone calls, happiness, congratulations, celebrations! I remember calling up my then best friend to say that I will become the CEO of the company! (I can be ambitious!).


Having cracked all the interviews I attended soon after my Graduation, my Dad decided that I should not join any of the organizations, but that it was time for my Masters. Well, I cannot blame him because that was when the MNC was shut down (Remember the Satyam Scam, people?).

I had to wait a good seven months to get the call letter to join the company. I had lost all hopes. And the frustration shows in the FB status! :)

I had to wait a good seven months to get the call letter to join the company. I had lost all hopes. And the frustration shows in the FB status! 🙂

It was four years ago, this exact date when I stepped foot in this Multi-National Company- 14 November 2011. Like a school kid, Dad and Mom dropped me till the gate, waving me good-bye and good luck followed by the signature flying kiss from me. Scared like a lil’ puppy, not knowing what to expect I sat in the front bench with a couple of college mates. Three months of training and I made friends easily, many who are still in touch.

The journey from a Trainee to a Systems Engineer to now an IT Analyst has been hard but rewarding. Being adjudged the Best in Communication/Soft Skills (Boy, Oh Boy, I loved those debates, discussions, presentations, games, reports Whoa!), to being awarded a pretty good number of appreciations and certificates, I’m overwhelmed.


And that very moment when I received the first Pay Slip! Whoa! I remember that not even a penny was left.

The first project I got into was a U.S based retail project and then I got the hang of working in shifts. And the team I was put in was an all-boys team and I hated my very being. From not knowing how to even log in to a server (what exactly is a server was the question that popped in my head always!) to being laughed at (hated that ‘fresher’ tag for a year) to having acquired a handful of Certifications, I have come a long way.

All those bossy managers, the fights for your basic rights, friends who brighten up the day(because they are the ones whom you interact with the first thing in the morning (say 5am), the never-ending late night coffee sessions(what else will you do if you are working from 10pm to 7am?), the gossiping, survival during office politics, Oh,the memories I cherish are almost beautiful!

These fours years have seen me grow as an individual. It was also the time when I got engaged, waited for eight months for the man to finally marry me, got transferred to a new office/location, and yes, two promotions. Can you imagine me kicking my heels up in the air when I say Promotion? Ain’t I truly, madly, deeply blessed?OnTheSpot

Three projects, two offices, three hostels, a home of my own and then back to hostel life, I never ever had the slightest inclination to work in this IT company for this long. There was a time when I cribbed every morning and evening and even decided to take a long break from work for about three months. But that was the worst phase of my life- in its truest sense!! And mind you, I have realized that at this point of time it is my work that keeps me sane. Else, with a husband living thousands of miles away from me (due to his work), dear ones eating my head saying its high time I plan for a baby and my own self who… na, I don’t want to nag more. This is happy day.

The urge to just ‘put down the paper’ diminishes when you receive an email from the client the next morning saying ‘Good Job, Shalini. Even the Director has mentioned your name in yesterday’s meeting’, or even a ‘Thanks a lot Shalini, as usual you are doing a great job..” simply makes you want to be better at what you do.

So, here I am trying stick around and take it as much as I can, as far as I can.

I say, when the going gets tough….the tough get going! 🙂


  1. shanayatales says:

    Congratulations, Shalini. Stay happy, stay blessed. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the 4 years darling! Come June, I finish 8 years in IBM :O

    Here’s to many more awesome years ❤


  3. Congrats on your fourth anniversary Shalu! 👏🏼👏🏼☺️ I just touched my two years milestone ☺️


  4. Keep growing and moving Shalzz. One day you will become a CEO, perhaps of your own company. Congrats and keep shining:)


  5. Congrats Shalini. 🙂


  6. Great to know about your journey. I too have all such memories – joined Wipro, then TCS, went for full time MBA from IIFT, and in my 6th firm now in 9.5 yrs of exp 😊

    Good luck!


  7. Best Wishes on your work Anniversary and wish you reach epitome of success!! All the best for your endeavors.


  8. My best wishes always and congrats..

    Yes a simple appreciation goes a very very long way..


  9. Keep the show running
    & stay blessed !! 🙂



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