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“When you don’t talk, there’s a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.”
― Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Dairy Queen

My roommate and I were having a chitchat. She had been away at home for the weekend and I was going haywire not knowing how I was supposed to spend three days, alone. This is the first time we had a hearty laugh, spoke about things that interests both of us and it was finally good to get to know a person other than my spouse! Yeah, married life makes you think that all you need is your spouse!

Anyway, she was mentioning about the experiences she had with her ex-roommates- each one a masterpiece in itself. While one fought with her because she threw out the rotten veggies from the refrigerator, the other stopped talking when she expressed her disregard for bringing guys (read different guys) at home every other day.  She said, “Arrey, Come on ya, if you feel bad at what I say or do, you talk to me! You don’t just shut your mouth and go silent for days, weeks or months! I had to put up with the crap for around eight months. There is no point in waiting for the other person every single day to talk and clear the air”. The till then chirpy me went silent all of a sudden.

I used to always wonder what it was like being kids. You fight, you cry, then you patch up- either by offering your lunchbox or saying sorry. Adulthood is different. I’m always the first one to apologize, even if I feel that I wasn’t the one who was wrong. I have had such hard times too because of this so-called habit. I have always been taken as weak and have most of the times been shouted at by the other person. “You don’t hurt a person and simply say a five-letter word”, I have been told. But, if somebody is making an effort then why is it hard to accept? What is it that refrains you from not speaking to one another? Is it the ego that is hurt? Or you don’t value your relation more than your hurt ego? I understand that you want to be left alone, that you need time to cope up with the hurtful words or deeds. But how long is too long?

What have the world come up to? It makes me agree to whoever said that we talk to another when you need a favor, or simply because you are bored, as if you are here to entertain or like being used. I honestly would let someone tell me that they are done with whatever crap I did and that they don’t want to talk to me anymore than ignoring or going mum. Call me melodramatic or emotional! But that’s the way I am. You talk! You don’t just shut the hell out. Maybe, you’ve better things to do in life. Or maybe I can think that it’s your loss and not mine. But who doesn’t like to talk, sort things out or even have a closure? I wish life was simpler, where you don’t walk past as if you don’t know the other.

So what do you say? Do you believe that let bygones be bygones? Or would you make an effort to clear things out?

P.S: I’m not starting a tangy thoughts series here. But who knows, maybe!!


  1. I suppose it also depends on whether you’d want to ‘iron those kinks’ out. Sometimes, we need to sort it out – esp if it’s with someone we care about; otherwise, just throw it in the air, like you just don’t care! 😀


  2. I agree with you, i would sort out the issue. I did that just yesterday by telling somebody why i did what i did and i felt so relieved.

    Great to read what all girls are into (as if i didn’t know that already 😛 )


  3. Hahaha, after reading this I think you should definitely start the tangy thought series. And post on Thursdays maybe 😛


  4. From someone who has always advocated clearing up the air and paid through her nose for it, and someone who has been to roommate hell, I have decided that I will make a decision on a case by case basis. If the roommate is reasonable, I will talk to her, if she is psychocrazybitch (like my last one) I’d definitely and quietly let it go/look for another place to live.



  5. Beat About The Book says:

    I hate lose ends in fiction as well as in real life. So I will probably be the one to go on and on trying to sort things out – to explain why I feel a certain way and to try to understand why anyone would act a certain way. I hate unresolved tension. But believe me it’s exhausting. I’ve come to realise that sometimes it just better to shut up and let it go, unless you’re stuck together in close confines – then you’d better come to an understanding.


    • Exactly! Love you for what you said because you clearly expressed what I feel. Hate the unresolved tension! Just hate it. Even if you know that it’s high time you let go off certain things, you just can’t. Maybe you value things more! Exhausting!! 😦


  6. Same pinch!! I too go apologising even it’s not my fault just to keep the relationship/friendship safe. Yes, I agree we get hurt even more this way. But it’s better if not easy to clear the air, no?


  7. It depends on the bygone actually. Not every irk is easy to let go of. Sometimes I try to make my stand clear, and bring things back to normal. But there are other times, I just leave. Mostly the former case, but the latter definitely can’t be ignored.



  1. […] into the details about who is wrong and what can be done to sort things out. Apparently, my previous post was dedicated only to him, thinking he would read and at least then take a step to clear the air […]


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