Unbreak my Heart #poetry

Been almost an year, most things forgotten

Musing over the ‘if onlys’ and toying with the idea

The decision I made that affects my present

as well as tomorrow

I wish I could undecide

and release the ghosts of my past.

Overwhelming, unexplained

Out of reach, taunting its very being.

I bet you find this mildly entertaining

a neat waste of time

Already given the power to make me feel so small.

Silence separates, lingering whispers,

whispers in the void, confide in the cold.

“Just a cold, Will muscle through it,

it’ll pass, will be fine”, they say.

But I needed you, to fill the gaps in my fingers,

to calm me down when I shiver.

But you never returned, you didn’t want to.

You regret, I cherish.

You are offended, I hold dear.

“You said the three words, not me.

You were obsessive, you lost me.

You are a liar, you nag, you complain,

You begged, I agreed to share my angst”, you said with a smile.

When all I wanted was

to take your face in my palms,

to wipe away your tears, your fears.

To make you believe in love again,

to pin faith on hope.

“I wish the news of my death also doesn’t reach you”,

you put the final nail in the coffin.

I wish, you could unbreak my heart!

that I could believe

some where out there you’re still thinkin’ of me.

I curl up into a ball, seek refuge

Daunting, relentless screams within

Another life, another time

where love is not lost, but will find a way.

Tagging to #MondayMusings and APED #50:Time



  1. this so resonates with me! and it brought back a lot of memories!! beautifully expressed


  2. Poignant. Stirs some old-suppressed memories.


  3. It’s quite venting out and that’s the best thing about poetry where words gain expression.

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  4. Ahh that feeling of having the heart broken..that feeling of the what ifs had things not ended
    Wonderfully written

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  5. The pain oozes out of this beautiful poem. Really heartbreaking!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderfully penned poem though I hope it’s fiction! The title reminded me of Toni Braxton’s song “Unbreak My Heart” – are you familiar with it? Google/YouTube it! 😉 ❤

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  7. Nicely done, and quite heartbreaking.

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  8. What a delicious reading… 🙂

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  9. I can feel the pain in the poem, and the hope too.


  10. Hmm. yeah. the feeling of being alone and broken stays for long sometimes. Not something we want to feel either. We look back and wish we hadn’t decided to let go of that heart and wish the person was still nearby to hold in the cold… but I guess some hearts are better left. Heal soon, Tommy 🙂

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason


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