Forever alone No more- L

Clock shows: 9.45pm / Date:02Feb13

Singlehood ends in: 15 hours 

Shakespeare Idioms Used: Laughing stock

Lost in your thoughts is where I find myself…

Often wondering whether I’m sane

In your eyes can my heart melt….

For you I’m enamored, smitten and hysterical … *that’s so insane*

As i depart my slumber each day

You fall upon my gazing eyes

Insisting and persuading me to rise

And then comes the cockcrow

Beaming a million bright ambassadors of the morning

As I look down at your loving facade

I often end up asking myself

What I did to deserve you

With a smile honest-to-goodness

I kiss you every dusk and dawn

Cant look back to the days I woke up without you

And that mere thought leaves me feeling barren, bleak and  blue

Your warmth spawn my eyes gleaming through

And I miss absolutely everything that’s true

 You ….my wedding ring….


Our rings!

I look at the rings adorning my fingers. I have two of them which are my life now!

Few days before the engagement day, Dad asked me to pick ‘the ring’. Usually, the guy picks one for the girl and vice-versa. But in order to avoid the complications of liking the design and the fit, (and we were  home only two days prior to the engagement, so there was no question of getting our fit) both the families agreed that we pick our own respective rings. So, here I was being adamant that I needed a platinum ring. In Kerala, we usually pick a gold ring engraved with our spouse’ name. It’s a tradition or custom as you call it and that’s how it is. But being me, I was stubborn and headstrong that I didn’t want a heavy gold ring and that too “tagged”. I didn’t want to be a laughing stock in front of my friends wearing something so ‘catchy’. After all, it is going to be on my finger forever!Mamma accused me of being bull-headed, but I still went for my platinum ring.

Mamma came to me and said, “Shalu, I know you don’t know him yet. And I understand what you go through. You are a confused girl who is happy and excited to be engaged, wishing and praying that he is the right man for you. But things would be different in a little while from now on. You will get to know him better and he will be yours forever. A day will come when he is not by your side, maybe he is posted to the Border where he can’t take you, or a normal day when he is out for work and you at home, feeling a little lonely and you would you miss him. That day, your ring will be with you, his name engraved and that would definitely bring a smile”. I laughed it off but her words did touch me and I found myself saying that I will return the platinum ring and get the gold one as they wished. But Mom let me keep my Platinum ring as well.

For the ceremony, he wore me the gold ring in front of all the guests and family. I had my platy with me, hidden from others and I was waiting for a chance to ask him to wear it on my finger. And we never got a chance. We were surrounded with friends and relatives wishing us and blessing us for our engagement. And I remember the blushing me not even able to meet his eyes. So forget asking him to wear me the ring!

But as both the rings adorn my fingers, I smile. I smile at when and how he wore me my Platy. That moment so special, and romantic….. stay tuned as I reveal tomorrow 😉


On our engagement day! 🙂


  1. Loved the poem, Shalini.


  2. Lovely poem! ❤ And the rings!! A special moment indeed! 🙂


  3. I loved your mother’s words. So true. Hopping on to the next post to read how he put the other ring. I’m sure it’ll be a romantic moment 🙂


  4. I enjoyed that read, romantic and fun to follow you on your path to foreveralonenomore:-) Staying tuned:-)


  5. How cute are you guys! I have never seen rings with names engraved. We don’t have such thing up in the North but I would love to wear something that carries VT’s name! Silly me!
    That poem is beautiful and your post is lovely! It made me think of my engagement day. My ring has flowers and VT put it wrong when we exchanged rings so a couple of days later I coyly told him to take it out and put it in the right manner. (I say coyly cos we dated for 4.5 years before we got married but something made me so shy!)


  6. Loved the poem and your Mom was so right, specially when he would be posted at the border. But we tend to understand these things later in life.


  7. That’s beautiful Shalu. Enjoyed reading about ur days stepping into marriage:)


  8. swathishenoy says:

    I loved the poem ❤ and your post 🙂 your mom's words touched a chord 🙂

    Like It Happened Yesterdy


  9. I don’t want to wear a ring with the name engraved… I too want a platinum or a Diamond is also ok 😛


  10. TwO rings to celebrate your marriage:) Your mother sounds lovely, guess it runs in the family.


  11. I like that you have your names engraved on your rings and that you chose a platinum ring! 😉 ❤


  12. Customs, culture and our lovely hearts and its li’l needs… Loved the poem, too

    Liked by 1 person

  13. vinodinii says:

    That was a poignant piece of poem. I can relate to your affinity towards the platinum ring, but your mamma did make sense about the ring with the name bringing comfort when your hubby is away on some days. What a romantic thought that is!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. shanayatales says:

    That was a sneaky end to the poem. 😛 Looking forward to the next one. 🙂
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Though we don’t have the custom of wearing the ring with name engraved on it, I wanted it for my engagement n me n my would be searched all over Hyderabad for that type 10 days before engagement, finally found one at kalyan jewellers n when we tried to enquire they said it would tAke 20 days min for d order as it will b done in Kerala. We were short of time n had to wear the ordinary type ring . This post of you reminds me about my craze for that type ring. My wish unfulfilled 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Loved that poem, Shalzz 🙂 And the engagement pic too. Though your face wasn’t there, I could imagine the smile on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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