Ways to Mend your Broken Heart

So, he ditched you! What are you planning to do with your little heart?

“To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” -especially if you are the one who wanted the relationship to last.


You feel as if your life has been completely stripped of meaning. Nothing no longer hold any joy- Job or friends! You have a tightening pain in your chest, a nervous stomach and terrible insomnia. You cry, blame, detach or go defensive. Things become devastatingly difficult and you feel worthless and hopeless! But what ends your agony?

1. Cry: Cry your heart out! Under the shower, while watching T.V, eating and at all times. It might take a few days to finally stop shedding your tears. But once you have, you will be done forever- though occasionally your eyes again well up! That’s forgivable!.

2. Anger: Unfollow him from all social media- Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Whatsapp and what-so-ever! After all, that’s what he wanted- Space- From you! Once you are done, ponder over why you have taken that impulsive step and keep checking his status every other minute! That serves you right.

3. Chocolates: Nothing else helps you to lift up your mood than a tub of chocolate ice-cream or n number of chocolate bars. Indulge in them. Cadbury diary milk is the best and easy on your pocket!! By the end of a month, you are sure to gain at least a few pounds.

4. Listen to mood lifting songs: Sad songs should never be listened to after a break up. You go more depressed and starts feeling that all those- “Dilbar jaaniya, Is darde dil ki sifarish, Hum jee lenge” were written and sung only for you. You have new meaning to all those lyrics. So, create a playlist with “Yaar naa miley, Manali Trance, Lat lag gaye” and shake your leg- even if you are sitting in a crowded bus.

P.S: Doesn’t work if he is a fabulous dancer and you end up imagining sharing a dance floor with him 😦

5. See him everywhere- the hero in the movie you watch, the bad ass villain, the guy who sits beside you in bus, the one at the mall or anywhere! And then wince!

6. Read all the sad quotes streaming over the internet and post them on FB- until your “friends” ask you what’s wrong and leave you embarrassed!

7. Get a new hair-do! Chop off those long, boring strands of hair! Get a new look and flaunt. After a day, shed tears missing your beautiful curls!

8. Write: Write about him, for him- After all, he was is your inspiration!

9. Abuse him with all your heart, in your heart, thinking he is the biggest jerk you’ve seen in your life! Else, how can he leave your hand when he said you are all he always wanted and he wouldn’t let go! Once done, go sober and return back to step 1. Repeat the process.

10. Okay, now let’s imagine he is a saint, who left you for your betterment, your good, your happiness and your what not! He has left you giving “you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t take food on time” kinda reasons! Clearly, what would be that?? And honestly, do you believe in that so-called ultimate sacrifice of letting go? I don’t!

Even if the whole world is against you (both!), you are soul-mates- a part of souls who found each other after going through hell! You are the best of friends, secret-keepers or passionate lovers! And you are meant to be for a life soul-time! Love and life doesn’t work with the “Ultimate Sacrifice”, by you missing him here and he tearing himself apart at another part of the world. Why this pain? Why this B*****IT!

Once you are done pondering over all the”whys” in your heart-

why me! why him! why us! why not me! what was I to him- a mere distraction! was there some other girl! what happened to those butterflies in your stomach! when was the last time you kissed! what was the last word he spoke! will we meet ever again in the journey of life!”

then, there is a void in your heart which can never be replaced, even if you still hope for love and life!

Embrace the fact that things happened for a reason though you don’t know why, at this very moment. Forgive him, forgive yourself. Smile even though it’s not from your heart. Someday, it would be genuine and would be reflected through your eyes.

Rather than fighting hard to brush away his thoughts, embrace the fact that you still think of him, miss him and love him, knowing your heart will be broken to tiny bits again.

When your mind says he is never going to come back and that he has moved on with his life, like everyone else around you, you heart whispers—that you were not a pebble in his shoes and maybe, just may be, he might turn around!

After all, hope is the essence of life.

Meanwhile, take baby steps to breathe n your own and move on with your life too….

The author doesn’t advertise the indulgence in chocolates. Neither is she a counselor or a healer!


  1. When all goes wrong. Chocloate is a girls best friend.


  2. That is an in depth post Shalini!
    What a lot of ideas.
    Hope you did not have to try them 😉


  3. I see point number 6 floating in my timeline.
    Breakup can be really tough,and broken hearts are hard to mend. Wonderful advice Shalini


  4. Well there’s nothing like cutting hair to cut care and I love drowning sorrow in chocolate.


  5. Icecreams too. Lots and lots of it. And as the ice melts, let the pain go. 🙂 No not from personal experience. I would dump the ice-cream on the idiot’s head. Great advice Shalini. Yes everything happens for a reason. Some one better, more handsome, more richer, more, more … and if not all those.. just someone perfect for you 🙂


  6. Breaking up is hard to do. Fortunate that it’s been many, many years since I’ve been through that heartbreak. One thing I should mention is that the Cadbury’s Dairy in the United States just isn’t as good as the version sold in Britain and related countries.

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  7. Nice !! I would like to add to this that hanging out with a friend /s also helps :-)) loved the listening to upbeat songs part. Always helps My bad mood

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This was inspiring…and I am going to have my daughter read this when she gets home from school. I think it will help her. Thank you! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Breakup of any type is hard, Shalini. As long as we have others to support us through that time, we can come out of it much better.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I enjoyed your wise and humourous take on how to handle a breakup. It made me smile. I vote for chocolates anytime, even if you aren’t suffering a breakup!

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  11. Sad when things turn out ti be that way..
    Whatever happens the happens. .

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I think the essence of it all is to feel the pain yet not let it overpower you into doing something silly…what do you say?

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  13. Great inspiring words my dear. I liked the fact- Things happens for a reason so just let it be.

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