It’s a Beautiful World ♬♬♬

It was my first day back at work! Oh yeah, I had enjoyed my long break to the extend that I began thinking of resigning and be an at-home wifey. Yeah, not a bad thing to do..but now I realize, that’s clearly not for me!

Scene 1:

I cried to sleep yesterday night after a dreadful telephone interview with the clients of my project. I knew I had failed and I didn’t want to go back, even to the office premises anymore. I was but, woken up at 7 in the morning, with a Good morning message from my Team Lead(TL), also mentioning that I cleared the interview and that I had to report in office in another one hour! My joy knew no bounds and I literally danced waking my hubby up, who was sleeping so peacefully 😉 Little did I know that today, was to be one of my best days in life!


Scene 2:

I reached office and entered the elevator. I did hold the door for a senior lady who was rushing into the lift. I believe in little deeds of kindness or a random gesture that could brighten up someone’s day. I know, holding a door for someone is not a big deal though. Anyway, while I was about to get out on my floor she said, “Excuse me, you have very pretty eyes”. I said “Thank you”, but imagine my sudden surprise! Oh yeah, I wanted to kick my heels in the air, and shout, “Yippeeee..” 😀


Scene 3:

My TL and the entire team welcomed me with many congratulations and I was genuinely happy for myself- after days. Yeah, you heard it right- after days. I was showered with compliments and accolades  that I had impressed the clients in a very good way and that they had a meeting discussing on how my interview had gone by last evening. I was ablaze when they appreciated me on how I talked and handled the call. I was also praised for my good command over English, on being soft-spoken, having a melodious voice(as said by almost many, I hate my voice though!) humble and modest. Well, I always am courteous….. until you get on my nerves. (They needn’t know that, need they?) His exact words?? “You were shivering like a leaf and was like a scared little puppy until the call began. And all I saw was you transforming into a tigress!” Well… *blush blush*

The scene is a pretty long one as the same topic lingered on for a few hours- during our tea break and lunch. So, yeah that’s it.

Scene 4:

After lunch, my Project Manager(PM) introduced me to his senior manager. First reaction?? “You resemble a South Indian Actress!!” That was my oopsie moment of the day. LOL! Honestly, my inner goddess did do a tango! picture-14211

Scene 5:

I left early and got into a bus to get back home. I was singing a song in my head since I woke up today. An old Bollywood number, which of course is not my one of my favorites. But it just played in my head throughout. And I was welcomed by the same song playing in the local transport bus. Again not a big deal! But I believed that the angels were showering happiness and love from high up above, only and only for me today. 😀 Heights of optimism!!!

Scene 6:

Being welcomed by my “usually-unromantic-husband” with one yellow daisy in hand. Oh, that completed my day!!! ❤ ❤ Well, he is kinda snoring now, but I can forgive him for tonight. Right? 🙂

Last few days were the worst phase of my life- not able to figure out what I should be doing with my life, with my heart, even. I didn’t know whom to hold close and whom to let go. I felt my guardian angel was hiding in some goddamn gutter.  I have had friends who let go off my hand when I needed them the most and few who held them tighter and tightest, believing in me when I myself didn’t. Few who reminded me of that day when I cleared the campus interview, got placed in the company and leapt in joy saying,”I want to become the CEO of my company”, my Mom and Dad who said, “this one(project)’s for you”, my hubby who said, “You blogged and cooked and made things when you were busy working, Shalu…not while you were at home enjoying your break! Get hold of yourself!”…….. And one in particular, who was a complete stranger till a few days back, but came into my life from nowhere, who took pain in bringing me back to life- who had a patient ear to listen and guide and make me understand that I CAN- who helped my tortured heart and mind to calm down and set my priorities straight- who made me let go off things I can’t change and of people who simply wants to leave. Thanks to all!

Anyway, I know that in the coming days, I might start cribbing again, of the early morning working hours, my caffeine-filled days (Read it here!), my nasty alarm ringing when I’m peacefully sleeping under my comfy quilt in these winter mornings. But I’m sure I’ll come back to this post of mine and I will have a genuine smile on my face, knowing what I’m meant to do, knowing what I’m good at..and knowing what makes me and my lil’ heart happy.

It’s a Beautiful World ♬♬♬…………….Really!!!!

P.S: The author realizes that she has boasted so much in the article- just because nothing could let her down today!!  You’re welcome to share your thoughts anyway!

So, have you been depressed? Did a close friend of yours let go off your hand? How did you cope up?

🙂 Smile! If it’s meant to be, it will be! 🙂


  1. It’s nice to see you smiling 🙂 keep that. You look nice with that smile on!


  2. P.S. Love those pics by the way…the dancing character made me smile…and well yeah, the baby too…such a precious photo! 😉 ❤


  3. So wonderful to have such joyous experiences and be able to do a happy dance or two or more… 😉 ( How wonderful for you to be acknowledged by others in different ways! 🙂 ❤


  4. This post made me smile from one happy paragraph to the next. May you always feel this much joy my dear friend. Blessings! ♥


  5. the imp thing is that u r back on track !!


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  6. It’s a beautiful world …. we just need to hold on to our ho[e when things don’t look good, and everything will gradually fall back into place.

    A motivating and uplifting post like this is what I needed on a hectic midweek day :p

    Liked by 1 person

  7. haha..I really loved reading this…Glad you had a good or rather great day…Sometimes such days are soooo much needed no?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. What a happy and uplifting post! So glad you had such a good day and that going back to work was such a great experience. You deserve it!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I had sensed that your latest posts had a little sad touch , but never realized that you were going through a rough patch. Glad that you are back an track and what a come back :)..wishing you more beautiful days ahead…

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