And so the lamb fell in love with a lion..

It’s a Spicy Saturday Pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sit frozen and numb

All alone by the fire

Not feeling a thing

Nor able to breathe

The deafening silence

Sings a lullaby

And the hollow echo of my own voice

Soothes thy ear.


Apple of their eyes and known for my chirpy, naughty demeanor.

I ran behind a rabbit at three,

Not knowing it was a kitten.

Everyday scraping my knees,

At ten, I told the world that I’d learnt

To ride a bicycle.

Embracing my womanhood

I knew I was transforming to a beautiful lass, at thirteen.

At fifteen, Mamma taught me

That not all boys are the same.

At nineteen, I realized that a mistake is not a crime

And I learnt it the hard way at twenty three.

Still a kid at heart and always deemed as a nine-year old

All I wonder is, is it bad to stay that way?


Sixty seconds had gone by like hours, 

As I reminisce over my life of the past

A tear drop down my eye.

And a wish is born,

to be engulfed by the flaming fire.

Life has come to a stand still

But never have I been so sure, than ending my life

Is better than forgetting him.

As I try to de-clutter my mind,

A sane voice gives a silent whisper

“He who treats you like garbage is not worth it, baby”

But the voice in my head assures and screams back at me

I tried, I did try…

So shamelessly, that he asked me

Not to beg when I said please.

I’m giving up all, my dreams, my hopes and so very all.

I loathe to whine but all I do is cry

So weak and empty and so very lost

I feel my pulse on my veins for the very last time.


As I envisage my blood gushing out of my wrist

I discern that I don’t hold a grudge,

He wasn’t worth it

It’s a goodbye from me…to myself

And I am better off to a beautiful world.let


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  1. Powerful words! But I like it!

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  2. Your post has been featured in this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks on BlogAdda. Check it out at


  3. Thou it was a sad ending, I loved it. Very powerful and so beautiful!

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  5. Beautiful expressions… just loved it !


  6. That was well written. Will be even better when you write something about getting back at him instead of punishing yourself.



  7. This is so sad and powerful!

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  8. Nce come back usual powerful one ..
    I felt its decribes a bit abt ur lyf …crak in relation from one angle and also felt like a suicide note from other angle!!!

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  9. Powerful…No one is worth harming ourselves…No one at all

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  10. Anything that moves u is a good poem. dark or light does not matter


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  11. I’m still wondering whether to interpret this positively or otherwise. Nonetheless, a very powerful one!


  12. I’m still wondering whether to interpret this positively or otherwise. Nonetheless, a very powerful one!

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  13. Wow Shalina! This is SO realistic and some people will certainly think this way due to the demise of a relationship with someone who actually is not worth it, not doing that for! 😉 ❤


  14. A powerful poem indeed! You have brought out the emotions very well 🙂

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  15. brimming with emotions ..great write up

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  16. Wow, Shalini. You penned this one so well, each word showed the emotions effortlessly. I love reading your poems, Shalini. 🙂

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  17. I am not sure if it is a dark poem or a bright one but very powerful words!

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  18. Wow, that was powerful. And I love the picture, is that a real tattoo or pen?


  19. Yippeeeyayyy…. on cloud 9♥♥♥



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