Resolutions before Dec 31

I’m participating in the Write Tribe’s 7 Days To Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove. It’s a blogging extravaganza which will continue for seven days and today we are writing a list.


I’ve already done a Bucket List and things to do before 30. So, when I read Naba’s post on resolutions before year end, it rang a bell. Yes, high time I list down or prioritize certain important things in life. 🙂 With just a month and a half remaining for the new year, it’s important that I do this. Lists really help you to focus and organize right? I always have a notepad at my bedside table, one on my handbag, my desk at both office and home. Whether it’s grocery, menu planning, what to take home when I leave for vacation, what to get from home, what to pack, what not to pack..oh yeah, the list is endless. I know bloggers who plan ahead on what to write. I admire them. It’s a good thing. I know I’m not a writer and I never thought I shall create a blog of my own or for that matter, somebody will take pain to read what I blabber. But here I am, trying to blog daily with fewer exceptions here and there. I’ve grown as a blogger, haven’t I?

Well, let’s come down to my list.

1. Eat Breakfast regularly: I know you’ll be wondering. But yes I don’t have my breakfast. I go without water till afternoon. I know all the side-effects, all the health issues! But no, I don’t have them. I remember my Dad once asking me to read out the newspaper article on the benefits of having regular breakfast. Yes, he asked me to read that in front of the whole school- in the morning assembly. P.S: He was my teacher at school 😛 So, yes, I am planning to- at least give it a try.

2. What comes next after eating? Exercise! I will. This time, I know I will 🙂 I hope I will. I will, won’t I? 😛

3. Read 10 books: Oh yes, I’m confident that I can finish ten within this month 🙂

4. Buy me a two-wheeler. I miss that feel of fresh air caressing your hair. Wow, just like in the ads. I miss that sense of freedom. scooty

5.  Have a Me Corner at home: I’m planning to build a cocoon of my own. Wait for the pics and post. Coming up soon. 🙂

6. I wanna make something pretty. Say DIY kinda things. I have few plans in mind, let’s see if I have the patience like last time when I made My Lil’ Chicks. Don’t remember? Hop on and check’em out. I’m sure you will like them.

7. I….want a break, want some time to myself. Visiting home, going for a vacation, meeting friends, yeah, I miss all that. I miss not able to sleep an entire day after a tired “morning shift” at work. I miss sleeping from 4pm to 4am. I miss staying lazy, not having to wash or worry about lunch or dinner and keep the rooms spotlessly clean. I miss girly gossips, all-girl shopping, I miss watching an entire season of FRIENDS or Greys Anatomy back to back all night till my eyes hurt, .. I miss.. God, I can give you a big list! I …I just want to be me.. Back to My Self!

8. Write: Obviously! Who else will take care of this Tomato Blog?

9. Cook: Obviously! Who else will post yummy recipes at my food Blog?

10. Last but not the least- Dance! I so badly want to. You may ask me, who is stopping me! No one, but myself. Yeah, let’s see. Deep Sigh!

So, what are your Year end resolutions?


Have a great Sunday!


  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    I am sure you can tick-off all from this list! So happy eating, reading, writing, cooking and dancing too 🙂


  2. Oh that’s a great list and doable too 🙂 I think I should have added eating breakfast regularly to my list too !


  3. U take care of #10,#2 will rake care of itself! All the best gal


  4. Hi! Wow! We share so many common resolutions 😀 I too wrote a list of things that I would like to do before this year ends 😀


  5. I am really happy with some of the points there…Hope you follow them…they are all in your interest only :)…Keep writing…:)



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