Too Late For Atonement – Chapter – 13


 The Pen Warriors

We are now on Round Two. Read all the previous chapters here and the Chapter 12 here.

Too Late For Atonement – Chapter 13

Tick..tick.. the clock struck 4pm. It’s time for Roohi to attend her piano classes. Tara will be late too. This is the right time. Shekhar started feeling restless. He checked his Sony Xperia and his laptop, one after the other- over hundred times since the past one hour… He kept staring, as if he is seeing them for the very first time.

Why is it taking so long? He got up from his chair, clenched his teeth fighting waves of fury and pounded his fist on the table in anger. He was like a lion pacing back and forth in its cage. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I have to do something.

He picked up his Xperia to dial.

But Beep…. There was an e-mail. He ran to his laptop and opened his inbox…and there it was!

He laughed loudly and couldn’t control his evil pleasure. He knew he was good at this, eyeing and retrieving details about him. It has almost been a decade now, since all this has begun. A small cat and mouse game, indeed. And of course, he was the cat. He loved playing games with him, that it was almost addictive. He couldn’t stop the sinful pleasures of constant pursuits, near captures, and repeated escapes.

It has been a good side-business, a perfect camouflage behind freelance writing….a gentleman’s deed, a good income without having to harm anybody and for peace!!!Yes this is how I can take Roohi to Disney Land, he thought. But… it was getting to his nerves now…. Something has to be done. His analytical mind started working. Something has to be done.

Yesterday was his lucky day. He stayed drinking even after the party was over and was surprised to find the person in front of him. The guy sounded weird but his words did make sense. The troubled waters in Shekhar’s life had increased over a period of time as he wanted to make sure that he will destroy him. The man brought a lot of fire to his burning desire of avenging what he has done.

Shekhar seldom went out when Tara and Roohi were around. But he carefully weaved all plans with his analytical mind. He didn’t want to let go of any chance which will help in achieving the goal. All this while, he has been searching the darkest secrets of him which was hidden and concealed from the outside world. He was gifted with his skills in solving crimes.

“Business Tycoon under scanner”

Mumbai. One of the biggest outsourcing firms in the country is under scanner today, for the misappropriation of funds. Ever wondered how the company which started with a handful of employees and a handful of investment expanded to a back-office giant with a work force of 10,000? Facts and figures pointed out by a group of employees needs to be investigated to ascertain its authenticity. The allegation is coming as a shocker to the business world where the company – handling everything from computer systems to customer service, is presently a major stake holder.

My initial research went into the company files which led the way to the sophisticated corporate world. The tedious intrusion into the details, his well-disguised tax eviction during the setting up of the firm was all….just a beginning. A no: of fake IDs in the company, the list of share-holders who never existed and the capital investment which never materialized were identified.

What a systematic way to falsify accounts!

The proprietor was not available for comments.

                                                                                                                                                       – Gambhir Gupte

Short and Crisp. This is exactly what I’m going to publish with relevant supporting documents, said Shekhar, smiling wickedly. This would be enough….The name Gambhir Gupte will suffice and serve the purpose.

He went to the nearby shop to fax the matter to him.


“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

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