Dear Crush

I’m participating in the A Letter A Week, hosted by Nibha. This week asks me to write a letter to my Crush.

It was totally unexpected how I met you for the very first time. That moment… I know I had lost it!

I was excited seeing you laugh, smile and dance. Yes, I fell for you there- right there. What moves, baby! I was enchanted and seeing you shake a leg made my jaws drop. You became my obsession and I started to stalk you. I woke up every morning thinking of you. You were in my thoughts and dreams and I built castles in the air. I fancied you, sitting next to me in my class. I was living my life in a bubble until my Mom caught me red-handed blowing you sweet kisses in front of my folks. I was tickling pink when my Mom was red with anger. Did that stop me? A big No for that! But, I had become a little more careful.



I fell in love with you because of the tiny million things that you were doing. It was like a ray of sunshine when I heard you sing…and boy, when I saw you cook, I knew I was getting addicted to you. I remember the first time we looked into each other’s eyes. You said, “Kya koi kisi se itna pyar kar sakta hai ki uski jaan lele?,” but all I heard was music.

You were the Super-hero, doing good to the world- You were the Knight in Shining Armour conquering a million hearts- You were the Man in Uniform, protecting the country- You became the irresistible Thief, making me wish for a date with you and you gave us Jadoo, urging us to believe in magic and fantasy.

I bet you get a lot of girls sending you texts and e-mails and tweets and photographs and cakes and flowers and…and…. No, I can’t go on with this anymore. I’m possessive about you!!! But, I wish you well in your tough times and I wish you the strength to cope up with hardships.

I know, things have changed and we are in separate worlds. But I still look at you with wide eyes and clap like a four-year old- excited! I wanna be with you on a roller coaster ride, I wanna see the wildest dreams slowly come alive, I wanna break the rules and party all the time and I wanna steal the show that is no crime. Let the magic begin, so that I can shout and say…….. DHOOM MACHAALEE………..

Yes, Mr. Hrithik Roshan, I wanna be your Senorita!

I hope for that moment when I can cast my eyes on you for real! You make my heart soar, and my mind flutter.  I wish you see my fierce, ardent and loyal admiration…Wishing you all the best with #BangBang



 P.S: To my husband who is reading this…all I can say is.. Sorry, a heart-felt one!! 😛


  1. Ah! Hritik! I was wondering who it is until you mentioned his characters! Perfect! Thanks for linking up! 🙂


  2. Aha! Hrithik is an accomplished actor and dancer. I used to admire him a lot till……I shall refrain, lol!


  3. haha….Well he does that, doesn’t he? You know this magic on girls 🙂


  4. and Hrithrik is one of my fav………………good choice.


  5. I kind of like him, except when he over acts 😉 But, as far as the physique is concerned, oh, mama! 😉


  6. 😀 I adore him


  7. Hmmmmm…so u have a chance there…He is single now 😉


  8. Oh Lord. Would you hate me if I said I found him weird? 😉


  9. obsessivemom says:

    Ha ha ha.. So Hritik makes your heart go bang bang! Too cute. I know what you mean, though it’s someone else’s dimples I dig ;-).



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