Save Us

In view of the J&K floods, here’s my post linking to Shailaja’s 15 to 50

The Prompts for this month include:

Word prompt: Perspective

Phrase Prompt: ‘Three in a row’

Picture Prompt:

three pots

And here I go: 🙂

We stood three in a row watching the water surge.

Petrified, we hoped against hope.

I longed for the humans to understand our perspective when we screamed and notified them of floods.

As we part ways to unknown lands, wish we were also rescued…. just like them! Alas, Innocent us!



  1. This was beautiful, Shalini! I loved the way you showed both sides of the same coin. True perspective. Well done!

    Thanks for linking this up!



  2. Moving indeed… Getting lost in the sea of helplessness is terrible.. Good one Shalini.


  3. everyone understands the perspective, but humans need to be selfish to survive… survival of the fittest.. harsh fact!


  4. So moving..makes me think of the floods in Kashmir but then it also makes me think of people lost in the sea of life


  5. Always wondered what all stories these materialistic things might have to share…


  6. It’s difficult when we are alone in a sea of torment!


  7. A moving post, Shalini. Loved its emotional depth.


  8. its hard and terrifying to be in such a situation


  9. As they say ….. If only walls could speak, ho the stories they could tell 🙂


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