10 Things You Can Do If You Lose Electricity

You watch your favorite show on T.V. and the “Electricity God” decides to have fun. The first thing that comes to your mind is, “Oh, Not Again!!” You cuss, you swear and say out all the “four-letter words” on your dictionary. You realize that your phone battery is also drained and it slowly dawns on you that you ought to do something. So what do you do?



a. Get out! 

Play with your kid, your dog or by yourself. Take a walk. Breathe fresh air. Smell the flowers. Oh, is it night? Look at the stars, the full moon, crescent moon or anything like that! Figure out the constellations and yell “Eureka”. Feel proud when your husband can’t figure out the ‘Great Bear’ or the ‘Orion’. See the trees in your courtyard. Listen to the chirping crickets.

b. Read

Read that book you’ve been long wanting to and finish it. I did that- finished ‘Ramyana-the Game of Life‘ in three hours. Or read the newspaper other than Page 3. Get to know what’s happening in the world.

c. Write

A letter? What’s more beautiful than a hand-written letter? When was the last time you wrote one to your Mom? Surprise her. Let her know how much she is appreciated.  Or note down ideas for your next post, like this one. Improve your hand-writing.

d. Clean

I know you love to be messy. But it’s time to surprise your hubby who likes things to be organized. First things, first! Clean the mirror. Do dusting. Wash dishes. Do Laundry.

e. Organize

De-clutter your wardrobe. your shoe-rack, your spice-rack. Wipe/Dust the expensive,’ never-used-before’ crockery.

e. Plan

Plan for the week ahead. You can’t iron your clothes. But decide on what to wear for the week ahead- your office-wear/party-wear/or your comfortable pajamas. Plan a trip. Do Menu planning. Prepare a shopping list. I’ve found an interesting article on MindBrew with some beautiful template suggestions. Look mine below.


Like it?

f. Re-do

Who doesn’t want a make-over of their home? or their favorite room? Design a “Me-corner”. Read how I made a house into a home here.

g. Candle-light dinner

Take out that fancy candle you were gifted and have never used. Assuming the power had gone out after you prepared the meal (if not order a pizza), do a candle-light dinner. Decorate the dining room with candles, small hearts and surprise your loved one.

h. Make

Do some quilling. That’s how I made my Lil’ chicks. Or origami. Craft. Sew. Knit. Or your bed!

i. Dress Up!

Yeah, if you are still bored, then put your make up on. Dress like a fairy. Take a selfie.

j. Sleep, Eat and Drink merry.

Take a nap. Snore. Eat the ice-cream. Drink coffee. Be merry.

Oh boy, before the power goes out again, let me post this. How about you? What do you do when there is no electricity?


  1. Reading by candlelight or going shopping at a store that hasn’t lost power always works for me.

    Even when the power is out, #lifeisgood – I’m sure Tina would agree.


  2. Nice list Shalini! it reminded me of me running to my friend and we would talk for hours till the power was back.


  3. Interesting. Although, to be honest, this is more a list of things we can do without the internet and not electricity. I cannot do some of these things in the dark 😉 Liked the concept of the post, though 🙂


  4. What a happy and positive post! Absolutely loved it! Think Im gonna “pretend” the power is off today – so I can do some of these funny stuff – and get off that Tv-couch:-) Oh yes:-)


  5. Oh…exactly the things I do during a power failure…wen in india 🙂


  6. I loved this post! Very inspiring. I have to say I can relate to the ‘Electricity gods’ having a laugh when your fave show is on because this was usual during my visits to India. I missed out on so many shows 😦 If only I’d had this post to refer to back then…


  7. Loved the list! A definite must do! 😀


  8. We have 6 hours power cuts almost daily here and if we didn’t do the things you mentioned in your post, we would go mad 🙂 Happy and informative post, thanks.


  9. Thanks for the ping back! And that’s an absolutely amazing article


  10. Absolutely enjoyed reading this


  11. And thats exactly what I did this past week.. well most of it.

    I had a week off work..so had some fun..


  12. swathishenoy says:

    thats a nice set of to-do list to follow when electricity is gone 😀 electricity doesnt matter to me as long as its not hot around! Coz i never watch tv 😛 dont be shocked now 😉


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