Sunday Sundae #3

Another lovely week has gone by. I’m feeling a lot better now with the Conjunctivitis finally biding goodbye. Though my vision is all blurred now (it might take atleast three months for complete recoup and recover), I’m glad that I can finally wear glasses. Well, that’s some positivity there, isn’t? 🙂

I had my hands full this week doing lots of cooking. When my “Appam” and “Chicken Stew” became a blockbuster hit with my friends, the beautiful pictures of “Chettinad Tomato Rassam” was loved by my readers. But do you know what made P drool?? Popcorn Chicken!!

Weekly collage

I have taken a mini tour of my home in “Home is where the heart is..“, writing about how P and I made our “quarters” into a “happy home”. 🙂

A tribute to the ethnic city, Madras (I don’t like calling it Chennai) followed next. It was Madras’s Bithday, and having lived there for two years and knowing the heartbeats of the city made me dedicate this post. 🙂

I’m happy to receive an author-signed copy from Blogadda, of the book Private India. Though I didn’t go Wow reading this crime thriller, it was a one-time read!

My joy knew no bounds when Blogadda sent out a letter- a personalized letter from Rani Mukherjee for my blog Tale of Two Tomatoes as a part of Mardaani activity!  Oh Wow!! Can this get any better!!! It’s there on the sidebar… See?

That’s all for now, folks! I’m all set to get back to work from tomorrow! (Read showing off my new funky glasses 😛 ) Computer work

See ya,




  1. Ohh…conjunctivitis…u poor dear!Shalini take care!!and happy for u dear on ur good work..keep it up!


  2. Wow – you have been busy! I hope you get well soon xx


  3. Congrats girl!
    Food pics are yum 🙂
    Hope you recover from Conjunctivitis soon! Best wishes 🙂


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