Sunday Sundae #2

Hey fellas, how was your week? I started off with a bang reviewing “Ramayana – The Game of Life : Rise of the Sun Prince (Book 1) (English)“. This is my first Book Review and I hope I did justice. I received an author signed copy from Blogadda and I was leaping with joy. 🙂

Lady Luck favored me as I was adjudged Runner Up in the Mardaani Contest, celebrating spectacular stories featuring spectacular women. The contest was conducted by YashRaj Productions and Blogadda. My post, The Lion-Hearted! talks about my darling friend Annie, who is fearless, valiant and gutsy. Yes, she is so happy that I won writing about her. ❤ ❤

I did my first flash fiction, “Eternal Love..“, participating my Shailaja’s Fiction Challenge- From 15 to 20140814_13520350! Yes, I wrote a small piece in 49 words. I know, I know!! Don’t give me that dirty look. But it’s my first and you should appreciate! 🙂

I had fun writing the fill in the blanks exercise prompt suggested at Write Tribe, – I am Blank Because…! I read many similar posts and it was equal fun and enjoyable reading and getting to know more about them. Did you write one? Please leave a link here so that I can catch up. I really don’t want to miss it! 🙂

My merriment continued to the next day when I attempted my first at Paper Quilling. Yes, I make little chicks. Did you Meet My Lil’ Chicks…? Please visit and show some love! ❤ 

Tricolor Pulao

I made Tricolor Pulao, celebrating Independence day and I didn’t want to write about women empowerment, the rape cases, reminiscing over the brave hearts who lay their lives only on this occasion and all other evils that we put up with in our country.So, I put up a post on my most cherished patriotic songs and the story behind each of them.

But today, at this moment I’m sad. My conjunctivitis has turned worse and is suspected to be affecting the Cornea. Medicines and eye drops have done the trick.But my vision is a little blurred. Doctors say that it might take months to recover. 

*prayers* Hope you have a great day, ahead!





  1. So many wonderful things to celebrate. YAY! I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with your eyes. I pray it gets better soon! Hugs and good wishes your way my friend. ♥


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