Sunday Sundae #1

Didn’t I tell you that I’m planning to reform my blog in many ways? And my baby steps included launching a brand new About me page. Read- Yours lovingly, Tomato Girl and coming up with Photo Fridays wherein on all Fridays, I’ll be summing up the pics I had taken for the Photo-a-day Challenge. Camera chocolate-sundae

And here’s presenting you with Sunday Sundae wherein I simply pen down about my week, relishing my Sundae by the lake near my home. Sounds good? Walking and Thinking

Though down with severe Conjunctivitis for the last ten+ days, I didn’t keep myself away from blogging every day. Yes, I’m a proud Write tribe Pro- Blogger who has pledged to post daily. And that’s my new Badge on the sidebar. I am delighted that I could read back and leave a comment on almost all the Pro-Bloggers. ❤

I’ve participated in the brilliant campaign by Blogadda and Colgate on #WhatTheBlack. I received a mystery package every day for four days. And all I had to do was share about them on social media every day, all the way guessing what the final product is. I received a dark chocolate egg, followed by a Black newspaper and a black cup and tissue. All suggesting MORNINGS. And the final product was a Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush. 🙂

I’ve started a separate blog for Food- Something’s Cooking where I religiously blog every day showcasing a new recipe. Though I couldn’t cook much during the week because of my eye infection, I finally got out to cook some yummy Chinese only to regret it by the end. I was just exhausted. 😦

So, I’m going to take rest, the only thing which I’ve been doing for the last few days. Oh yeah, I slept a lot these days, taking break from work. Though this is not the kind of break that I longed for (I couldn’t even watch T.V, or read a book), I’m accepting the fact that I’m rejuvenating to go back with a bang. Sleeping smiley face

That’s all for now.

See ya, folks!!




  1. Get well soon and take care of yourself..don’t stress 🙂


  2. Wow. You have been a busy lady – amazing:-) Way to go! Sorry about your infection though – hope you have healed all well now. All the best-)


  3. That is some dedication to blogging. 🙂 I missed two days and I am trying to play catch up. 🙂


  4. Get well soon and take good care of yourself. Great ideas you have implemented for your blog. All the best for it.


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