Mystery Unfolded- #WhatTheBlack

Remember me writing two posts on Black, a few days back? And by now, you would’ve realized that I adore Black. When I saw the contest on Blogadda then, I immediately jumped out writing two posts. I couldn’t contain my list of favorite black things into just five. 🙂

While submitting my post, Blogadda asked me whether I would like to enjoy the Expect the Unexpected experience. Oh yes, Definitely! And never in my dreams did I know what I was about to encounter.

After the expected deadline of submitting the posts, I received a mail from the Blogadda team that I am about to experience the Unexpected. I started receiving a mystery package every day for four days. And all I had to do was share abut them on social media every day, all the way guessing what the final product is.

Well, I simply couldn’t guess it right, except that it was something to do with Mornings. 😀

My #WhatTheBlack Experience

Day 1:

Down with diarrhoea, I was asleep when my hubby came running to the bedroom with a small black mystery box. I was fascinated seeing it. And I was instantly up, forgetting my fatigue, and started clicking pics.


Wondering #whattheblack it was, I found a lil’ note inside the box, not to ponder much over which came first- the chicken or the egg.. 😀 My hubby darling was pepped up to crack the code by cracking the egg 😛 And, guess what we found!! A big, dark chocolate egg!!! Forget my upset stomach, I said! This was what I was craving for ❤


I started uploading the pics in Instagram, twitter and Facebook only to get help from friends to guess what I might be receiving the next day. I thought a big, black hen, maybe?? 😛

Day 2: 

Generally, the newspaper boy comes in the morning. But today I got one by evening. Actually, pretty late at night. Yes, much to my surprise, I received a Black Newspaper on Day 2. I was in utter shock, in dismay, in disbelief. I had no clue on #WhatTheBlack was going on.

 P and I had our heads scratching, thinking about the happenings. But there were many twitter conversations suggesting that it could be something related to mornings. Well, I didn’t know.

Day 3:

I couldn’t bear the suspense anymore and all I did was reading the tweets on #WhatTheBlack. And I could realize that though I was enjoying every bits of this activity, I was also hating to wait for it. It was just lots of suspense. 😛 Day 3 was a black coffee cup! Though I didn’t receive the package today, I could confirm that it was definitely Mornings!

Day 4:

Day 4 revealed the suspense and it was a Black toothbrush! Yes, the Mystery Unfolded to a Black Toothbrush- The Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal Toothbrush.

Wow, what a concept!


Doesn’t it look beautiful?

The new Colgate Slimsoft Charcoal toothbrush is all about deep yet gentle cleansing. It has micro slim-tip bristles that reaches deeper between the gum and the teeth resulting in complete plaque bacteria.

The campaign was a wonderfully packaged one which was thrilling and intriguing all the way till the last day. It created a storm around the social media and the marketing mastermind behind this should be applauded in a great deal.

The suspense and excitement in the activity gave me heebie-jeebies. I was as enthusiastic as a kid playing treasure hunt or hide and seek and it was definitely,worth a wait. The mischief behind the campaign, captured the bloggers and kept them on pins and needles.

A huge high five to the Blogadda team for keeping thousands of bloggers on our toes all day. I am sure gonna miss all the fun. Hoping to take part in more such fun activities.

Here’s me signing off 🙂

P.S: The egg was finger-licking good 😀


  1. Thanks for sharing. Went along with the fun and suspense. We all love a mystery. Agree that this was a brilliant campaign.


  2. What a fun campaign – love the mystery aspect of it! Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂



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