S is for….


Six yards of sheer elegance ❤




Six yards of grace, draped perfect for the occasion,

You enhance beauty to a demure bride..

Pride of an Indian Woman- the poor, the rich and in the middle!!

 #FMSphotoaday: August Photo-a-day challenge


  1. I think sarees are gorgeous. I love it when I see an Indian woman wearing one as here in Canada they are a rare sight. They are so elegant and I love the colourful and beautiful designs.


  2. I absolutely loved the blue saree! 🙂


  3. those are lovely sarees and let me tell you a secret tooo 🙂 when i use to tie a turban it was of 7.15 yards 🙂


  4. If only I could wear them with grace and elegance…!


  5. I have to agree that cream sari caught my eye too. I’ve never seen one like that before.


  6. Beautiful collection of saris! Wow


  7. That first saree – the cream colored one – is unusual. Would love to see the whole saree!

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  8. Beautiful!


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