To the Glorious Past

2,134 B.C
A gorgeous, olive-skinned goddess enters the outer foyer. Her body has been painted in the ancient Egyptian manner. She’s a stunning sight to behold. This is ANCK-SU-NAMUN- Pharaoh’s Mistress. Glaring out over the city at the setting sun is a handsome, muscular MAN with intense, evil eyes. This is IMHOTEP-High Priest of Osiris, Keeper of the Dead.symbol1
They kiss passionately. The doors suddenly burst open and Pharaoh angrily strides in looking at the Priests.The Priests back away, scared shitless, obviously his arrival was unexpected. Pharaoh screams and from behind him, his sword is ripped out of its scabbard. Imhotep’s face fills with despair. Anck-su-namun points at Pharaoh and hisses “My body is no longer his temple!” She plunges the sword into her own heart. Out on the balcony, Imhotep’s mouth opens into a horrible silent scream…Her body was mummified, her vital organs removed and placed in sacred canopic jars.The Book of The Living contained sacred incantations that would send the evil dead on a journey into the dark underworld.

Aren’t you fascinated? The above was only a narration of the opening scene from the popular movie, “The Mummy”. What if a magical egypt-mapwizard  flashes his magical wand to take you to this glorious land? Sounds spectacular, doesn’t it? Hence when Blogadda along with the travel wizard Skyscanner gave me an opportunity to plan a trip for a lifetime, I opted for the Land of Mummies and Pharoahs- EGYPT. What more? I have Rs. 1 Lakh to spend for the magical ride.

The Skyscanner website is user-friendly and hence can help a great deal in travel plans. Be it, flights, hotels or car bookings, it truly fulfills your dreams.


Travel Plans to my Dream Destination- 07 to 14 Aug 2014

I’m booking a cab on 7th morning 4 am so as to catch up my flight to Cairo- the city of contrasts- noisy and dusty but exciting and alive..and most of all it is the city ‘Victorious’.



I’m fascinated to see the 167 search results of flight options and I’m taking the Egypt Air which is easy on my pocket. As I book the flight, the Sky scanner instantly asks me whether I need to book a hotel/rent a car. Oh yeah, why not?

3My stay in Cairo will be for two days- from 07th to 09th and I rent a car for the same which costs me Rs.7700.


The list of hotels are neatly organised with prices and ratings. There are many reviews also to read from. The Guardian Guest House has excellent rating and is available for a mere 4k bucks.


Day1: 07Aug: A 2 hour dinner cruise on the legendary river Nile

I check in at the hotel and adorn myself for the alluring experience of the dinner cruise.


Day 2: 08Aug : To the exotic Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


I’m ecstatic and dance like Aishwarya Rai Bachhan as in the popular ‘Ajooba’ song.

Later, I visit the Egyptian Museum, to see the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts and visit to the Mummies Room.

The day ends with theshawarmaxmas exceptional visit to the most talked about and vibrant shopping districts in the world – the ancient Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, reputed to be largest bazaar in the Middle East. I also indulge in the Egyptian food, loving the Shawarmas. ❤

Day 3: 09 Aug : Board the flight to Sharm El-Sheikh, a delightful coastal resort town


The hotel and car is already booked via the clairvoyant-Skyscanner!



Wow, Skyscanner also gives me a great deal saving me 7617 bucks!!


While I have lunch and take a nap at the hotel room, I look forward to the Camel Safari with Bedouin dinner in the evening. Also called as the Star gazing Excursion, it gives you the chance to try camel riding and watch the sun set in Sinai desert, touching the different cultures in real Bedouins Community.  The trip also consists of serving Bedouin tea with herbs,a very Fabulous real Bedouin meal and watch the folcoloric Bedouin show  and finally enjoy star-gazing through the telescopes.


Day 4: 10 Aug: MAGIC OF THE DEEP 

After the ride in the scorching heat in the Sinai desert, I’m indulging in snorkelling at the Tiran Island. It is one of the most beautiful islands to be seen and there is tremendous history of the wrecks that lay far below the oceans of the deep. Enjoying a relaxing day of sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, I cruise to some of the most popular reefs around Tiran Island, viewing the multitude of brightly colourful tropical fish and vibrant coral reefs.


Day 5: 10 Aug: Rock formations of the Coloured Canyon5785845_orig

Heading through the desert on the 120 kilometre drive to the magnificent Coloured Canyon, I’m wonder-struck at the natural phenomenon that stretches for over a kilometre and looks like a set from an Indiana Jones film. An hour long walk through the canyon, exploring the natural maze and steep walls that cascade with colours including yellow, red, purple and gold, it’s a feast to the eyes.

Day 6: 11 Aug: Flight to Cairo

I board the flight back to Cairo, again at a cheaper price. It’s only a one hour journey and I plan to enjoy the rest of the day at my leisure, choosing to relax and do some last-minute shopping.


My plan includes visiting to the Half Day Salah El Din Citadel, Mohammed Ali Mosque, Khan El Khalili Bazaar and Half Day Coptic Cairo.

My luggage has tripled from the shopping. 🙂


Tired and exhausted, I board the flight back to Mumbai at midnight.


I board the car I booked via Skyscanner- all the while thinking of the most glamorous and fascinating trip I’ve ever taken in my life. I’m content and many thanks to Skyscanner and Blogadda.

At a Glimpse:

Expense Amount
Car from Pune to Mumbai 2092
Flight from Mumbai to Cairo(Including return) 26479
Car rental for 2 days at Cairo 7700
Room at Cairo 3486
Flight to Sharm El-Sheikh 5800
Room at Sharm El-Sheikh 10369
Car rental for 3 days at Sharm El-Sheikh 11142
Flight to Cairo 5355
Room at Cairo 1000
Local transport 2000
Car to Pune 2092
Total 77515
Savings 22485

I can use up my savings for Shopping or Sight-seeing 🙂

P.S: This is a fictional post!!!

Image courtesy: Google, Skyscanner

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at


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