MysteryBox1: #whattheblack

Down with diarrhoea, I was asleep when my hubby came running to the bedroom with a small black mystery box. I was fascinated seeing it. I was instantly up forgetting my fatigue and started clicking pics.


Wondering #whattheblack it was, I found a lil’ note inside the box, not to ponder much over which came first- the chicken or the egg.. 😀 My hubby darling was pepped up to crack the code by cracking the egg 😛 And, guess what we found!! A big, dark chocolate egg!!! Forget my upset stomach, I said! This was what I was craving for ❤


Remember that I had participated in #WhatTheBlack activity by @blogadda a week ago? I’m now receiving four black gifts that would complete some bigger picture- the final one being the actual product. All this while, I need to keep guessing, what this is all about!!

I’m Loving the Expect the Unexpected Experience!! What is it going to be tomorrow?? A big, black hen?? 😛

Jokes apart, I’m thinking it is a DARK chocolate inside and not white or the normal one!  Black again!! Any ideas??? Fingers crossed!!

P.S: The egg was finger-licking good 😀


  1. Today it is apparently a black news paper! I have no idea what to make of it though 🙂


  2. haha! Nothing beats choco! I bet Day Two would be some flowers and a note book:)


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