UBC Day 7- iSmile #7- Wish Upon a Star

As I lay in bed to catch forty winks
I look out my window and memories sting.
Are you willing to listen and wait?
Cos’ that’s a long list I can make.
Oh, how I wish that he was here!!
Alas, here I am, shedding a tear.
To have him stand in front of me
Is like wishing for August 36th!
To the shooting star that pass by the night
The only wish I want granted tonight
Is my wish to be with you my friend, my love,…My Knight!




I had written this poem two years back when I was engaged to him. Today, I found this poem in my “trash” and immediately had a smile on my face. It’s been a year after our wedding and it’s high time he reads this 😉 😉


  1. Hi Shalini, an award awaits you at my blog 🙂 Check you out here http://callitatale.blogspot.in/2014/07/the-quintet-of-radiance-award.html


  2. Shilpa Garg says:

    Amen to that!! ♥


  3. Sweet! Now we need another post telling us of his response. 😉


  4. Awww….so sweet!!


  5. Awwww….so sweet!


  6. kalpana solsi says:

    What a sweet poem and let your Knight read it.


  7. swathishenoy says:

    Wow!! I can only imagine how happy he might be reading this!


  8. hahha good thought, I am sure he has read it by now.


  9. Beautiful 🙂 Am sure he’d love it, Shalzzz.


  10. Lovely Poem 🙂


  11. susanhomeschooling says:

    What a sweet love poem! I bet your husband’s heart will melt as he reads it!


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