UBC Day 1- iSmile #1- Football Fever

I’ve been out of blogging for more than three weeks now. I wasn’t lazy, but I badly wanted a break which ultimately served me right. It has taken off some kind of pressure and I could take time to breathe in my busy schedule. Going through a bad phase at work, I was always whining for the past few days and then came this challenge- Ultimate Blogging Challenge which opened doors to my thoughts. I will be writing every day in the month of July and I shall be posting about that one thing which made me to smile that day- shall include food, musings, or anything for that matter. Enough with my whining, I simply need to smile.

1. Football Fever

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be watching a football game. Oh, not Live, but at least on T.V! Thanks to my husband who eagerly waits for 9.30pm (IST), so that he can finish his dinner and sit glued on television till wee hours of the morning. It was getting into my nerves for so many reasons. I have an early morning shift at work and I’m dead tired by the time I reach home in the evening. All I think of is sleep and how I’m going to get up from the coziness of my bed to cook. And then, he screams like a maniac when there is a goal and when there is not. I can’t watch my favourite soaps or programmes. And when he finally asked me to wake up and smell the coffee, I thought of giving it a try. And now, I AM ADDICTED!


I may not understand what off-side mean, I may not know why the referee keeps giving yellow cards all the time, or why he doesn’t give one when there is an actual reason. But the excitement in which he likes to spend watching the match with me, have warmed the cockles of my heart.

I am happy to watch the Argentina match with him tonight, cheering and screaming all the way. I want to jump off the bed when Messi scores a goal tonight and Argentina reach the Quarter-finals. 🙂


  1. I’m also addicted to WC despite not watching EPL for one and a half years. It’s gripping and level is so insanely high that there is no small or big teams. Whatta fun! Been watching two matches..I like Brazil with a certain inkling for German side. My fav was bumped early, Spain:)
    Here’s my link


  2. Aaaand Argentina won last night! I’m SUCH a big fifa buff 😛 Argentina’s not my favorite team, but yes in the top 5. Loved your post, and I can relate to your husband. HAHA


  3. I was never interested in football. I am crazy for cricket. I can feel and understand your ‘charm’ for the game.


  4. I have always been VERY happy that my hubby is not into watching sports on T V. He will watch the finals or the special games once in awhile but that’s it. However, I do relate to the screams from the living room when his team makes a goal. Makes the dog bark and run around — I don’t think she likes it either 🙂
    Carol @ Battered Hope


  5. I’ve not seen a sinlge match … but I have been reading a lot of blogs instead! Popping by from UBC 🙂


  6. Good start of UBC with a goal… Good that you are enjoying the game 🙂


  7. I know all the what you’re talking about. Having a teenage brother at home… I’m actually forced to watch almost all the matches. But I’m enjoying it and that’s a secret 😉


  8. What fun! So what made you smile today?


  9. As I comment this, Argentina are still yet to score, but I hope you get your jump 🙂


  10. The World Cup has sure generated a lot of hype. The better share of the world is watching with bated breath as the games play out. Kind of excited to think that many people are that excited about the same thing! ♥


  11. swathishenoy says:

    Woah! I am yet to watch a football match 😛 maybe i will understand what you mean after few years 😉


  12. I can so relate to this. I am not a football fan either but the enthusiasm that hubby shows when there is a goal and when his team wins… well, that has caught up with me too! 😀


  13. I’ve never got into Football either, but I can definitely imagine getting addicted to it if my husband was watching it and it became a fun way to pass the evening.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the things that make you happy in the month of July – it’s a great way to complete the challenge!


  14. It’s the one sport I understand, since my children have played it for 17 years!



  1. […] in bed by 4.30am after the match, and I couldn’t sleep- Thanks to my hubby who bestowed the Football Fever in me- I was super-excited! Though I woke up very very late, I was leaning on to try out a new […]


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