Nutella Truffles- My first Guest Post!!!

It came as a beautiful surprise to me when the lovely Dhanya from Skinnychefdecuisine asked me to do a gust post for her! It is my first and to begin with, I never even knew what exactly a guest post was! But I was privileged to take up this opportunity. She originally hails from Kerala and I am an avid lover of her blog and her pics are so amazing that it makes me drool every time I see them. I can never take such awesome pictures like her or even be versatile like her recipes. I’ve known her space from the starting of my blog and she had given so much support for my lil’ blog baby to flourish. Thanks Dhanya, and You are an absolute sweetheart. 

However, the actual challenge was when she asked me to try my hand on some dessert. Though I’m huge dessert lover, I am very bad at cooking one. I browsed and tried my level best, but all in vain- until I came up with this really sweet and simple recipe. It left my heart wanting for more and I was so glad that I came up with this one. Happy that she loved it just like me. You can read my post here, on her space.

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1. Nutella – 4 tbsp
2. Butter – 1 tsp
3. Chocolate chip cookies – 8, crushed
4. Cornflakes – 2 handfuls, crushed
5. Cocoa powder – for rolling the truffles


• Melt butter and nutella together for about 2 mins – either in a microwave or by the double boiling method.
• Next, mix in the crushed chocolate chip cookies & cornflakes.
• Bring to room temperature and make small sized balls out of the mixture.
• Roll each ball in cocoa powder till evenly coated.
• Refrigerate for about 30-40 mins before serving

Note – It tastes like Ferrero Rocher – the cocoa powder gives a bitter taste outside which enhances the taste. You can also use hot chocolate powder instead of coco powder for a sweet taste.

Nutella truffles


  1. Looks cool and easy…Thanks for sharing the details. And BTW, congratulations on your first guest post. It came out well.


  2. Sinful! but this seems to be something that I can totally make myself (btw, am a bad cook and the worst baker 😛 )

    Thanks for the recipe


  3. I never tried Nutella but I sure love truffles — will have to give it a try. Headed to your guest post now.


  4. Now this I can definitely make . Thank you so much 😀


  5. I have got to try this out!! Lovely!


  6. Nutella truffles sound heavenly! I will definitely be making this. Yumm, yumm. 🙂 Thanks, Shalini.


  7. Love the idea of adding crushed cornflakes for the crunch factor! 🙂


  8. Looks absolutely heavenly!! And so easy to make as well!! 🙂


  9. Nice! I love Nutella – I will have to try this some time. Thanks for sharing!


  10. This looks absolutely heavenly!! I want, and am bookmarking this recipe for later ♥



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  2. […] But I am back… with my first ever guest post!! Check it out here, guys- Nutella Truffles. […]


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