Liebster Award #4

So, its yet another “blog love” which I have missed while I was away and enjoying my small break. What does it imply? That I should never discard my blog baby.

liebsterThree cheers to Afsheen who blogs at Dreams to Reality!! In case you have missed her blog, hop in! Her blog is filled with beautiful thoughts that make you take a step back and ponder over her writes. So thanks again for the nomination and I feel very grateful in receiving this love.

For more details about this award, please visit this link- “Blog Love

Here are her questions 🙂

Show us something you like around you or outside your place. Maybe you already know I like flower photos. But it’s your choice.

Sry, no flowers. What’s around me right now is my side table with few of my favorite reads. 🙂


Tell us something about your favorite book(s) or authors. And I’d be very pleased if you talk about your favorite fantasy if you have that taste.

A long long list. It would be good if you take a look at my post Dream Bibliotheca

I also like creative people. Show us how you are creative!

This is what I did when I was down with fever. Never attempted glass painting before, and I never had a painting kit. So, I used sketch pens and markers 😛

#glasspainting follow me at taleoftwotomatoes

My nominations include:







  1. Congrats! And thank you for nominating me. I accept it. Btw, do i have to answer for the same above mentioned questions?


  2. Congratulations!! Thank you so much for nominating me! I would gladly accept it!


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