(Un)Conditional Love

In the dark of nights when the rain fell heavily outside, I lay in bed thinking what she has done.

Was my love conditional when I took care of her all this life like my baby, when I was not her mother?When I tried to save this soul when I myself was a victim? Was my love conditional when I let her know she was an orphan and was freed from women trafficking?

And what has she done? Say my love is conditional and leave the one who protected her all these years to be with her boyfriend?

This post has been written for Write Tribe’s 100 words on Saturday 2014#11



  1. Very sad. You can never predict the reaction of others!


  2. Pratik Kirve says:

    Touching Story..!!


  3. Damn!!! that is so emotional!!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!


  4. Human love is indeed a very complex thing…when it becomes conditional one can never tell…I guess that’s in a way the complexity of life.


  5. Wonder how this feels in real life…


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