I as in Idiyappam (String hoppers)

Which is your favorite South Indian Breakfast? Idli? Dosa? Mine is Idiyappam. It’s my absolute favourite and everytime romantic-bear-i-lettermy Mom makes this, it melts my heart. It’s been a year after the wedding and I have never tried making this dish ever. I always thought it was a tedious process. A little it is, yes! But worth it- Totally. I have served this with the Fish Molee I had posted before. Perfect combo and P and I constantly exclaimed, “Wow, wow” every time we took a bite. I know, I’m good.. 😛



Roasted rice flour – 2 cups, Boiling water – 1½ to 1 3/4cups , Coconut grated– 2 cups and Salt


Mix salt and the roasted rice flour. Add boiling water little by little and mix the dough. Knead until you get a smooth and soft dough. The dough sh20140407_133545ould not be too tight as in chappathy and it should not be sticky also.

Now, grease the idli moulds with oil. It helps in taking out the idiyappams. Sprinkle grated coconut on the moulds. Put the dough made and press each portion through the Idiyappam presser onto the greased idli moulds.

Boil water in the steamer and place the idli moulds and steam for ten mins on medium to high flame. Keep it closed for a min or two. Remove and serve hot with any curry of your choice. It goes well with Fish molee, Kadala Curry(coming soon), green peas masala, Vegetable stew, Chicken stew or any normal Chicken curry.


  1. very nicely explained..


  2. I love this, as a child I used t have this with sweet coconut milk (mixed with Jaggery) and spicy chutney. You reminded me of the good old days 🙂


  3. meenamenon says:

    I luv it with coconut milk n sugar 😀


  4. Idiappam and stew is my fav combo


  5. What a coincidence… I am eating idiyappam as I read this post!! Well, I am not a big fan of it but then it is a good and light meal to start the day with!
    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!


  6. Looks good. Have to try this…Good descriptions..


  7. Yummylicious. I love idiyappams and once had iddiyappam biryani in Bangalore, many years ago. I’ll look for an iddiyappam presser!! Thanks, Shalzzz.


  8. Really…..I haven’t even heard of this…sounds interesting..thanks for introducing 🙂 My fav is dosa 🙂


  9. Oh I love this…I had this in my friend’s house 🙂

    Latest A2Z Challenge Post-Random Thoughts Naba


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