This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! Your post must contain, ‘ It was a trap!’


Devu didn’t know it was a trap. Else, how could she easily accept a coffee invitation from a family friend and then the incident turn out to haunt her forever-to be the darkest secret which she had to bear for her life?

Though a senior in college, he was more of a family friend. Also, he was her friend’s boyfriend.

So, a Sunday morning when Devu was just getting out from the temple, she saw him waiting for her. He convinced her for a cup of coffee and she gladly accepted the invitation. She sat on his car and he drove on. She asked about her friend, talked about what her Dad spoke of their last meeting and even on those seniors ragging her in college. She was at ease.

Realizing he was taking her elsewhere and not the popular coffee joint near by her hostel, she inquired. He said they could have breakfast at a special restaurant. He said he was a frequent visitor there and that they served delicious food. She was hungry too and hence didn’t mind. The restaurant turned out to be an exotic resort and there was a sumptuous  buffet laid out. Though her inner goddess kept warning her that he was being too generous, she moved on with the tide.

After the buffet, he led her for a walk around the resort. There were beautiful cottages for tourists to stay and he led her in. Instantly she knew she is walking into an elephant trap. He held her close to kiss her. She didn’t scream, because she knew she was between a rock and a hard place. He could do anything to her here. It was an unknown resort and who knows whether the staffs were also part of this! She didn’t know the way to get back to her hostel too. She was quickly thinking of ways to save herself.

With tears in her eyes, she begged him not to harm her. She asked him to think of her Dad, of his girlfriend. She could see a slight hesitation in his eyes and that was it. He told her that it was a moment of weakness and not to tell anyone about this incident. Though she felt disgusted and wanted to scream and shout and stab him, she knew she had to keep her calm and find a way to be back in hostel and only he could drive her back….

P.S: Fictional names; story is real

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